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Unexpected Intros: Nupur Sharma and Skandaram Vasudevan
Advertising Agency
Mumbai, India
DDB Mudra Group's partners, digital strategy on their very first jobs and the creative work that is inspiring them

DDB has a simple belief. That Unexpected Works. It means that the best idea is the one you never saw coming. The thing that catches you so off guard that you can‘t look away. And the only path to genuinely unexpected works is through creativity. 

And in order to create awesome works, you need awesome people. Because you can’t make the unexpected if you only work with the usual suspects. In this Unexpected Intros series, DDB takes a peek behind the curtain at some of the diverse thinkers that make up our network, and validate Bill Bernbach’s notion that an idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it. 

1. Name, Title, Office

Nupur Sharma, partner, digital strategy- DDB Mudra Group, India

Skandaram Vasudevan, partner, digital strategy - DDB Mudra Group, India

2. Introduce yourself in three emojis. 

Nupur> Dog on WhatsApp 2.17 Steaming bowl emoji U+1F35C A picture containing clipart

Description automatically generated

Skanda> 2,738 Black Heart Emoji Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStockSmiley face reading book - cute smiling yellow Vector Image

3. What was your very first job? 

Nupur> Fresh out of college, my very first job was at a young food tech start up. The job allowed me to take up a wide variety of roles, I tried my hand at marketing, sales, designing and what not! The start up eventually did not take off, but my love for advertising did!

Skanda> First job that paid me something? It was as an accountant at this boutique firm that sold speakers! It was only for six months and an introduction to job rigors, so I generally consider it an internship and a guide to the fact that I did not want to go corporate! It did help me in getting to my Masters, though!

4. How did you wind up in advertising? 

Nupur> I believe it was over a period of time I realised this is where I wanted to be… One of the moments was during a training session at a job, the training was happening on YouTube, and it was then that I realised that I was enjoying the commercials more than the training itself.

Skanda> Completely by accident! We had workshops during the initial stages of my Masters, where we were told about advertising, but considering college and sleep-deprivation, I had dozed off through them! Luckily, DDB selected me for the internship process basis my assignments, and since then, I’ve held on and would not let go for a lifetime!

5. Piece of creative that inspires you? 

Nupur> “We have to see more of each other” by liqueur brand Ruavieja gives me goose bumps each time I watch it!

Skanda> I love almost all work done by Casper, the mattress brand. They manage to blend creativity, media and technology to reach their consumer seamlessly and effectively!

6. What are you currently reading, watching, and listening to? 


  • Reading: Nice girls don’t make the corner office by Lois P Frankel
  • Rewatching: Seinfeld for the umpteenth time 
  • Listening & obsessed: Pasoori by Coke Studio Pakistan


  • Reading: I love fantasy and universe-building, so Tolkien is a god! But currently, I’m reading The Covert-One thriller series by Robert Ludlum and I’m quite hooked.
  • Watching: I would love to say something specific, but most of my time goes in trying to figure out what to watch! But right now, The Rookie has captured my attention.
  • Listening: After listening to it on a recent drive back from a trip, I’m on a complete 90s Bollywood binge – Listening to it on loop, over and over.

7. What’s a goal/hope/dream of yours?


  • Goal: To create an exciting piece of work every year
  • Hope/ Dream: To wake up before the alarm rings


  • Goal: Be a part of making something amazing that is remembered!
  • Hope: Retire early! Preferably to a tropical place with a lot of beaches, where I can relax, travel and write my novel.
  • Dream: That I get my own TARDIS to explore the universe! 
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