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UK Advertising Association Urges ‘Clear, Consistent Leadership’ After Boris Johnson Resignation
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London, UK
CEO Stephen Woodford highlights need for ‘properly informed’ decision making after MPs turn on the UK’s prime minister
Following the news that Boris Johnson has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party, the Advertising Association has called for the UK government to opt for sound, sensible decision making and clear leadership as it selects the country’s new Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s dramatic resignation follows a tumultuous 48 hours in which over 50 Conservative members of parliament quit the government in response to the latest scandal to hit the Prime Minister.

As of the time of writing, it is unclear whether Boris Johnson will step down immediately at the behest of his party, to make way for a caretaker PM, or whether he will hang on until the Conservative Party will select a new leader.

In response, the Advertising Association CEO Stephen Woodford has issued a statement urging the government to opt for a leader who will be able to make evidence-based decisions and support the country’s economic growth.  Moreover, he reaffirmed the advertising industry’s importance to the UK economy.

“To best support the UK’s recovery from the pandemic and to help deal effectively with the issues we all face such as the cost-of-living crisis, the Advertising Association urges the government, in this transition period to a new administration, to deliver clear, consistent leadership with properly informed, evidence-based policy decisions that support jobs and sustainable growth.
“Advertising brings a positive economic and social contribution, particularly worth appreciating in its role in supporting businesses and jobs during difficult economic times. With every £1 spent on advertising generating £6 of GDP and adspend reaching record levels of £32bn last year, it is a key element of competition and growth. Along with exports exceeding £11 bn in 2020, it makes a major contribution to the UK’s success and prosperity and we will ensure that is fully recognised by the new leadership team.”

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