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Turning a Beauty Pageant into a Statement for Change in Lebanon
Advertising Agency
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Impact BBDO and Lebanon's national beauty pageant create #WeMissLebanon, celebrating women who fight for and celebrate the country during this time of crisis

Lebanon as we know it is ceasing to exist. The crisis has hit all sectors, drowning the country in an unstoppable downfall, with the Lebanese pound losing 95% of its value in just three years. The situation is quite ugly. It’s not a good time for a beauty pageant. It’s time to support the Lebanese and help them live in dignity by bringing back the bare necessities like education, medication, food and nutrition.

Yet, there’s never been a better time to promote Lebanon’s beauty and highlight its enduring splendour. So in 2022, and after a three-year absence, Impact BBDO challenged the status quo and changed the name and identity of the event by adding just one word: We Miss Lebanon.

A word that made a world of difference, triggering the longing of the Lebanese for their country and its true identity.

The campaign celebrated the strong Lebanese woman who isn't afraid to voice her opinions and speak her truth. A woman who is beautiful inside out and works tirelessly to restore the beautiful image of her country in everything she does and stands for.

The show on the night of July 24th was spectacular and the biggest to date since 1930.

It influenced the country’s Ministry of Tourism campaign who borrowed the theme and addressed the diaspora as they flooded the country during the summer.

It quickly became a global platform to let the world know what the Lebanese are going through every day and shed light on the progressive and innovative spirit of the Lebanese people. Each contestant embraced a cause to support her fellow compatriots.

It managed to stir the hearts of the Lebanese at home and abroad, the ones who missed the true beauty of Lebanon and what it represents.

Online engagement results were overwhelming. The Headhunting Casting Call on LinkedIn generated 40X the Average Click Through Rate on Awareness, exceeding the average by 3966%. #WeMissLebanon became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter and Instagram on the night of the event.

The elected Miss will carry her cause to the upcoming ‘Miss World’ and ‘Miss Universe’ and promote her image for a higher purpose.