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Tse Sui Luen Jewellery Embraces 'Finger Language' for New Campaign
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
DDB Group Hong Kong uses unconventional marketing with new ads

Christmas is a crucial promotional season for retailers. With this in mind, Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (TSL) is taking the opportunity to launch a new campaign that targets a wider and younger target segment. 

Partnering with DDB Group Hong Kong, TSL has embraced an unconventional marketing approach to redefine the meaning of wearing jewellery, going beyond traditional media by using digital media and the influence of key opinion leaders (KOLs) to engage a younger audience.

In terms of communications, the campaign looks beyond a conventional story of love as its core idea. The creative centres on a unique ‘finger language’ encouraging people to express themselves through TSL’s new range of stackable rings, changing the way people wear their jewellery.

Anthony Jim, Director of Group Marketing and International Business at TSL said, “This is not merely a product campaign. Our communications focus on the stories behind the rings. We believe stories can be told by the way people wear rings on their fingers. They can communicate a commitment, a faith, an appreciation and persistence. And different people can show their different stances for love and belief.”

“To bring the idea to life, through our key visuals, we interpret the love of a jewellery brand in a different way”, Francis Chung, Group Creative Director, DDB Group Hong Kong said. “Our key visuals demonstrate the finger language with one ad featuring a ‘rock and roll never dies’ hand sign and the copy ‘Love never dies, true love never dies, finger language – express your love, your belief.’ A second ad shows a walking hand sign with the text, ‘Believe in yourself and the world will unfold before you. Finger language – express your love, your belief.’”

To engage the target audience for this collection, TSL employed social media and key opinion leaders (KOLs) as the core medium. Twelve KOLs were selected. These people are not only influential on social media, but are also known for their remarkable personalities and strong beliefs in realising their dreams. Just some of the characters featured include Ricky Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Television Network Limited; Yapp Hung-fai, Hong Kong Premiere League Club Eastern goalkeeper and Ivana Wong, Canto-pop singer, songwriter and actress. 

Rather than merely communicating a homogenous brand message, each KOL will share a statement of their own core belief and attitude, which echoes to the campaign idea, ultimately making the “finger language” more meaningful and relevant to our target segment. 

Valiant Yip, Business Director at DDB Group Hong Kong, said, ”This campaign goes beyond traditional media and embraces an unconventional approach in product positioning; media selection and use of KOLs to engage the individualistic, younger segment for TSL”

Social media, digital ads, print ads, billboards and key in-store visuals and video support the large-scale integrated drive.

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