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Truly Deeply Rebrands OCRF

Ovarian cancer charity gets identity revamp

Truly Deeply is proud to reveal the refreshed brand identity for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). The new brand has been crafted to create a more sophisticated and relevant identity that embraces the science of storytelling stamped with confident symbolism.

Liz Heliotis, CEO and Co Founder of OCRF says, “The new brand is strong, stylish and compelling and applauds the strength, courage and dignity that many display (and their families) daily in their journey with this dreadful disease.”


OCRF believes that the devastating impact of ovarian cancer should not define who you are, instead, those suffering from this disease should be able to celebrate life, wear beautiful clothes, spend time with wonderful friends and eat amazing food. 

Truly Deeply was approached to develop a more powerful way to connect and utilise OCRF’s partnerships, including L’Oreal, Witchery events such as White Shirt Day and celebrity ambassadors such as Megan Gale. The Melbourne brand agency refined the brand’s messaging to make it distinctive, compelling and relevant to everyone – with a clear reason to listen and act.

The simple truths that ‘one woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer’ and ‘this could be your mother, wife, sister, friend or even your daughter’ are now front and centre of all communication, supported by the clear statements ‘celebrate lives, save lives’ and ‘research is the answer’.


“The brand now has consistent, clear and powerful messages across various OCRF campaigns, ensuring they are relevant, compelling and provide clear direction for people to respond,” says Michael Hughes, Strategy Director and Partner, Truly Deeply. “It has a flexible messaging system that enables OCRF to maximise their high profile campaigns and endorsements and tie them back into their core brand messaging to drive clear understanding and actions for their cause.”

While OCRF had a silver ribbon, a market review demonstrated that many charitable and not-for-profit organisations are using the same ‘ribbon’ symbol for their brand with minimal variation. The ribbon, particularly the use of silver, still had some strong brand equity for OCRF but it needed to be more ownable. 

“Maintaining the silver colour, we re-imagined the ribbon, adapted the visual cues of the fashion category, whilst ensuring the visual language would be still relevant for an extremely professional, science-based organisation. The OCRF brand identity now sits equally comfortably on a scientific report, as it does next to fashion icons like Megan Gale,” says David Ansett, Chief Creative and Founder, Truly Deeply.

“The core design element of the new identity is typography; using a clean, contemporary typeface, ‘force stacked’ to create visual drama. The strong, style-driven type is ‘pinned’ to a disc featuring our contemporary and refined version of the silver ribbon,” added Ansett. 

Truly Deeply conducted a brand audit, market decode, developed the brand positioning and messaging and created the new brand identity, visual language, stationery and advertising templates. This was consolidated into a comprehensive set of brand identity and messaging guidelines. Truly Deeply also worked with OCRF’s internal design team and advertising and digital partners to implement the new brand design.

“Working with the committed and talented team at Truly Deeply has been a mentally invigorating and rewarding experience. They’ve made the intangible, tangible and empowering in this crowded arena. Their narrative distils hope and optimism that equates to better futures for all,” says Heliotis.

“It is not often in business that you can find partners who match your enthusiasm, passion and energy to continue this vital research and when you do that outcomes can be extraordinary. The Truly Deeply experience was like visiting a concentrated inspiring knowledge bank; just brilliant yet demanding that truth emerge. I am so proud to have had this opportunity and to have their ‘advocacy’ for this vital research message,” concluded Heliotis.

OCRF is Australia’s pre-eminent body supporting ovarian cancer research programmes. A gynaecological cancer, ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women and is often detected in the advanced stage of the disease, resulting in a high mortality rate. OCRF is committed to raising awareness and funding research to find an early detection test that will ultimately improve the mortality rate and long-term survival rates from ovarian cancer.

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