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Trollbäck's Cult Movie Classics for YEAH!

Production Company
New York, USA
T+Co brands movie streaming service YEAH!TV

AMC Networks tapped strategic design agency Trollbäck + Company (T+Co) to create the branding for YEAH! TV, the new interactive streaming movie service. YEAH! lets die-hard fans watch their favorite cult classics in unrivaled detail: behind-the-scenes factoids, exclusive interviews, real-time quizzes and polls and more. YEAH! launched at SXSW Interactive 2013 in March. 


Led by Executive Creative Director Jakob Trollbäck and Art Director Kelli Miller, T+Co created 15 unique promo trailers introducing the first wave of rentals now available in “YEAH! DEFINITION” as the interactive experience is branded. T+Co also redesigned the website and produced a design style guide for the overall brand.

Each promo revolves around featured titles Blade Runner, Child’s Play, Clerks, Pulp Fiction, Scream, Terminator, The Exorcist and more. T+Co culled iconic film scenes spliced to dynamic motion graphics across a prismatic palette. The final package is a thrilling visual run-down of the interactive movie platform.


“Trollback + Company was the first and only choice of agency to design YEAH!’s brand identity and user interface,” said Lisa Judson, YEAH!’s General Manager.  “Their work is consistently intelligent, sophisticated and cutting edge - the perfect combination needed to create YEAH’s next generation video experience.”


For the trailers, T+Co created several animated 2D treatments of the YEAH! logo: a modern geometric comment box encompassing the network's name. The design elements for the package as a whole needed to feel contemporary and bold, and dialed in to pop culture.


The website's interactive components inform the overall brand blueprint for YEAH! The clean and simple user-friendly web interface emphasizes the same emboldened typography and graphics seen in the trailers. The intuitive interface T+Co designed is essential to the seamless movie-watching experience envisioned by YEAH! . 

According to T+Co, the design and branding of both the website and the trailers needed to be unified and function in a manner that ultimately let the content shine. 


"The films and the interactive features are engaging in and of themselves, so we created designs and animations with a cross-platform brand fluency in mind to subtly highlight the network's edgy brand language and features, from catchy slogans, to polls and trivia,” explains Trollbäck.


“This was an exciting challenge that allowed us to really re-think the way content is delivered online and how that relates to an overarching brand strategy,” concludes Miller. “AMC Networks’ had a great concept and vision for YEAH!; all we had to do was bring it to life.”


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Project: YEAH! TV Launch Campaign


Client: YEAH! TV

General Manager: Lisa Judson


Strategic Design Agency: Trollbäck + Company

Executive Creative Director: Jakob Trollback

Art Director/Lead Designer: Kelli Miller

Digital Creative Director:  Steve Baker

Head of Production: Erica Hirshfeld

Producer: Dina Chang

Designer: Rachel Digerness

Animation: Ben Nichols, Mo Ghayour, Rachel Digerness

Editorial: Nate Buchik, Caroline Kallback

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