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Tombras and MoonPie Poke Fun at the Sun for MoonPie SunBad Sunscreen

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Knoxville, USA
Marshmallow sandwich brand takes on the effects of the sun with unique scented sunscreen

With Summer officially in full swing, the hottest new sunscreen is hitting the shelves: MoonPie Sun Bad Sunscreen from AOR Tombras.

And what’s a sunscreen without a catchy jingle, with lyrics including, “Don’t let a little sunburn ruin the fun, say SPFU to the sun…While the moon is a friend, the sun is a bully so lather on that marshmallow scent in a hurry.” 

Scented with the aroma of sweet, sweet marshmallows and 50 SPF, Sun Bad is truly an example of life imitating art. For years, MoonPie has poked fun at the Sun on Twitter (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), tired of the sun getting all the sky credit the moon also deserves. Now, MoonPie is officially ready to say ‘SPFU; to the sun by selling 3 oz. bottles of ‘Sun Bad Sunscreen: Protection From The Mean Old Sun.’

Afterall, all great brands must have a mortal enemy, and even though MoonPie is a nice family owned brand, Tombras identified the Sun as mortal enemy #1 in the initial brand strategy – and has built on that rift ever since. 

The sunscreen launched on June 21st, which is no coincidence. That day marked the Summer Solstice: the longest day of the year, the day the sun gets to shine the longest and brightest, and the perfect day for MoonPie to steal the sun’s spotlight.

Tory Johnston, VP.sales and marketing, Chattanooga Bakery, “Sun Bad sunscreen is the perfect build and complement to our cheeky, indignant social media attitude towards the sun. When Tombras approached us with the idea, it was a no brainer. We hope everyone will lather up with the marshmallow scented sunblock while snacking on a delicious MoonPie.”

Dooley Tombras, president, Tombras: “Moonpie is the ultimate challenger brand. We’re willing to punch above our weight... and even go after the sun. We’ve poked fun at the sun on Twitter before, and the internet loved it. We’re giving consumers what they want with MoonPie Sun Bad. Also, we had great success hacking the eclipse before so it was a natural move for us to hijack the summer solstice.”

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