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Tom Geens Directs a Slice of Lockdown Reality in Daily Diary

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Johnny Foreigner director takes an amusing journey through the trials and tribulations of lockdown
Tom Geens Directs a Slice of Lockdown Reality in Daily Diary

23 march - 31 may 2020 "We are living through the most unprecedented, strangest and testing of all times. Therefore, now more than ever it befalls on all of us to record what is happening in the most accurate and honest way possible, however uncomfortable and painful this experience might be. Only then will this testimony stand as a true source of wisdom and hope to the benefit of future generations." 

Joris Bohnson, 1872 

During lockdown, comedy director Tom Geens made a daily video/photo diary of the world around him and inside his head. 

He stitched it all together to make this hugely entertaining film where he bares it all, giving us a privileged and intimate insight into his coping mechanisms with confinement. 

Tom explains a bit more about the project: "I posted something silly on Facebook on the first day of lockdown about how I was coping and then a friend of mine commented that I should continue. I thought about it and decided 'why not?’ 

"It was actually really good fun to do, it gave me a structure every day in this quite overwhelming time. A mission to complete! When suddenly everything is turned upside down, and all your job security is out of the window, and from one day to the next you have to do the home schooling for the kids and simple things like going to the shops have become like military operations, it’s nice to have that creative focus, a place to escape to. 

"I kinda pushed myself every time to do something different and towards the end, the productions became increasingly ambitious (haha) eating more and more into my time at the expense of other (probably much more essential) stuff. so it was good that i finished it when i did, after 70 posts. But now I’m already starting to think what i can do next with some of the characters that came out of the whole undertaking. So yes it’s been a really good creative process that generates loads of material. I highly recommend it!"

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Written, directed & produced by Tom Geens  

Orchestration: Pete Diggens 

Thank you: and various internet sources

Genres: Comedy, People

Categories: Short films, Short Films and Music Videos

Johnny Foreigner, Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:56:15 GMT