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Tom Barbor-Might Signs with Imperial Woodpecker for First-Time U.S. Representation

Production Company
New York, USA
The British documentary director has told stories for channels including the BBC, National Geographic and MSNBC

Director Tom Barbor-Might has signed with production company Imperial Woodpecker for first-time U.S. Representation. Tom Barbor-Might is a conceptual documentarian. He attended Westminster Film School to study documentary filmmaking and, after graduating with honours, started getting paid to do what he loved: telling contemporary human stories for channels including BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, MSNBC and Discovery. This work earned him an IDA Documentary Awards nomination in 2011, and a Grierson Awards shortlist nomination that same year for Best Newcomer Documentary. It also allowed him to hone his skill.

By borrowing techniques from different types of filmmaking, Tom creates surprising, original and authentic documentary films that delight and move audiences. He is greatly influenced by photography—not the static image, but rather the tableau it affords to capture the portrait of a subject or a scene—and prides himself on bringing cinematic instincts to his factual storytelling. Conversely, he enjoys interjecting an authenticity and playful realism into his more scripted spots, breaking the rules a bit and blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

His interest in advertising began as branded content came onto the scene, first creating brand-sponsored stories for outlets like VICE. Through this experience he recognised that the elegance of the real can bring a profound dignity and authenticity to a campaign that reaches people in the most direct and moving of ways. Real life is often more eccentric and charming than anything you could make up, and so he directs commercials with a documentary heart. He gained representation with Rogue Films two years ago and signed with Imperial Woodpecker January 2018.

Notable commercial work includes a film about graffiti artist MAD C for the Google Street Art Project, a glimpse into the lives of the Urban Cowboys of North Philly for iD Mobile; a Mazda Rebels short for Mazda about the man who brought sunlight to the sun-starved town of Rjukan, Norway through innovation; the inspiring stories of five people across the globe competing in the Wings for Life World Run for Red Bull; a global Land Rover campaign about the spirit of grassroots rugby in Fiji for the 2015 Rugby World Cup; and a charming story for Comfort about about the town of Boring, OR.

“I’m really excited to be joining the I.W. stable because they share the same love of ambitious and precise story telling. Making good work takes attention to detail, being forensic with both production and direction but its also about being brave and taking a few risks. Imperial Woodpecker’s work is all about that sort of thing.”

“Tom’s original voice and documentarian approach brings a fresh perspective to the I.W. roster," says Doug Halbert, Managing Partner, Imperial Woodpecker. "We’re excited to introduce him to new audiences here in the U.S. and look forward to making great work together.”

Tom and Imperial Woodpecker are represented in the West by Dexter Randazzo and Aaron Friedland at The Department of Sales, in the East by Tara Averill & John Robertson at Representation, and in the Midwest by Mary Kate Hatfield at MKH.

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