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Tips to Grow Your B2B Technology Business in APAC
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Manly, Australia
AZK unpacks what it takes to get your B2B technology company 'growth ready' across the Asia-Pacific with the right marketing and PR agency

As economies continue their slow recovery in 2022, one region is set up stronger than the rest: Asia-Pacific. But what does it take to grow your business in APAC when you're headquartered in the UK/EMEA or in the US?
It's not always smooth sailing: what hits the mark in one territory may not necessarily succeed in another, and local PR and Marketing agencies can get caught in the middle of deploying established game plans versus crafting bespoke strategies.
In the recent Mumbrella Comms Con, AZK Media had the opportunity to explores what it takes to increase your brand present in the APAC region. Revealing the common misconceptions global businesses have about what local agencies can do for them compared to other regions, we discussed how to best engage with a strategy that suits.
Why APAC is ripe soil for growing your business

According to Singtel Asia is expected to lead global growth in 2022. For companies looking to expand in the region, opportunities are plenty. calls the Asia Pacific (APAC) region the new ‘goldmine’ for businesses that are looking for global operations. Here are some trends showing APAC is the 'perfect soil' for B2B business growth opportunities:

> Business-friendly environment for foreign investors: APAC boasts world-class innovation, infrastructure, and emerging markets. It continues to regain its market momentum and open its doors to international companies to expand to their countries.

> Booming internet economy: Akamai research has market projections for Southeast Asia’s potential internet economy from $53 billion in 2023 to $130 billion by 2025. Internet traffic in Australia increased by 43% year over year from the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020 alone.

> Healthy GDP: When it comes to economic growth, the International Monetary Fund accounted for 37% of the global GDP in the Asia Pacific. Overall gross domestic product (GDP) was $31 trillion in 2020.

> The increasing middle class: Predicted at 472 million in 2030 is one of the key drivers affecting Asia’s fastest digital economy. Given the advantages of having a large middle class, companies that are fast to implement a multi-market expansion strategy are in the best position to capitalise on APAC’s potential.

For global enterprises with dreams of expansion in this region, it's an exciting time to push through with those plans.
Want to start your growth strong? Start with great communication
In today’s rapidly changing, increasingly digital environment, business as usual just won’t cut it. Businesses need to be agile, flexible, and fast.

There must be some base systems in place to ensure business continuity - and you’ll want to keep up with customers who’ll demand anytime, anywhere access to experiencing your product or service.

If you want to engage with customers on a deeper level in a new region, connect with them emotionally, in an authentic way, you need to regionalise your business and marketing messages.
What success looks like:

> Invest heavily in a top local MD, key sales people, a local marketing team and a top media and marketing agency(ies)

> Ensure the local ‘go to market team’ are seasoned marketers, who partner with the right PR and Marketing agency talent to generate highly targeted, local marketing and media campaigns

> Regionalised marketing campaigns need to be standardised in their process and delivery, but highly personalised in their messaging

> Avoid focusing too heavily on 'recycling global messages' in local regions. Leverage local news announcements, customer advocacy programs and brand campaigns.

Global expansion needs local resilience
Bottom line, as a business if you want to expand into the APAC region, you need to understand what it takes to build local resilience from the ground up, and how to set up the local regional media and marketing frameworks for success.
Ready to expand? Contact AZK Media to find out how we can strengthen your growth in the APAC region.

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