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Thornberg & Forester’s 1st Original Series

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New York, USA
Thornberg & Forester Celebrates Debut of Its First Original Series and More Spectacular Achievements from a Sensational Year
The principals of award-winning design and production company Thornberg & Forester (T&F) are very proud to announce the debut of the company's first original series. Company founders Elizabeth Kiehner, Scott Matz and Justin Meredith are extremely grateful for this and many other good fortunes in 2011. Being deeply devoted to essential work-life balance, they and their colleagues are preparing to spend the days ahead among friends and loved ones -- and anticipating the year to come, in which T&F will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Before officially wrapping up 2011, here are some details on their latest developments.

Topping their list, T&F is currently in production on its first original webisodic series, which is for Cooking Channel. "We conceived 'Produce Guide' as a way to use our live action, animation and VFX talents to cost-effectively create short, informative programs (each episode is 3 minutes long) that educate viewers about lesser known vegetables," said Justin Meredith, who is leading the project as CD and director. "The first order is for 10 episodes, but if all goes well, we'll produce 50 more in 2012." "Fresh Produce" debuts soon -- please tune into Cooking Channel to check it out!

Another pinnacle achievement for T&F this year is having its work for Conservation International appear in Chermayeff & Geismar's celebrated new book, "Identify." "For me, this is a huge honor," explained Scott Matz. "These guys have been together since 1958 -- I read about them all through design school, and nothing is cooler than having met them two years ago and formed a close working relationship."

On behalf of Chermayeff & Geismar, partner Sagi Haviv shared his perspective on T&F: "When we need to animate one of our logo designs, we talk first to Thornberg & Forester," he began. "Their careful, creative work gives our designs texture, lighting -- even behavior. This can be essential in helping to convince the leadership of a company or organization to adopt a new logo or when a new identity requires application in broadcasting. Time and again, they have brought our designs to life in professional and innovative ways that have tipped the scales in favor of a design. Thornberg & Forester is our secret weapon."

Notably, T&F added many important new talents over the past several months, including creative director Frank Pichel and VFX supervisor and head of 3D, Vi Nguyen. Both additions were reported in top news outlets, as were other big news highlights, such as T&F winning four PromaxBDA awards, and the firm's successful launch of its own "Holiday Jam" iPhone, iPad and iPod App just last week.

"Our other major accomplishments for 2011 include creating the Times Square billboards for Berlin Cameron United's, estimated $10 million, campaign for ING Direct, playing key parts in innovative campaigns for TNT, TBS, REI and, our expanding works for nonprofit and environmental causes, and our growing relationships with the world's brightest creative leaders like Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy," added Elizabeth Kiehner. "Also, we learned a ton creating our interactive installation for Fisker. For us, the most exciting work is happening at the intersection of design and technology, so while it was great to produce such amazing original content, we were especially excited to design and fabricate a physical installation driven by an iPad and a custom App."

T&F will celebrate its fifth anniversary in February. For more information on their upcoming events and all the latest news and project information, please visit

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