This Music Promo Is a Powerful Reflection on the History of US Women's Rights

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Electric Theatre Collective's Kaitlyn Battistelli provides grade on singer Brix's 'Just A Girl' directed by Ben Tedesco
This Music Promo Is a Powerful Reflection on the History of US Women's Rights

After being featured in the trailer for the much anticipated Disney live action film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, New York-based artist Brix (Sophie Dupin) collaborated with director Ben Tedesco to create a music video aimed at empowering young women and inspiring a movement of positive change. 

Using a mix of controversial and empowering photographs, graphics, audio clips, and video from the history of women’s rights in the US they projected the system society has found itself trapped in for decades. 

“'Just A Girl' has been my own feminist anthem since before I could even really comprehend what it meant. I am honoured to be a tiny part of bringing this powerful song to the forefront of conversation again,” said Sophie. “I’ve never worked on a project where more things just fell into place. Where strangers, both male and female came together, offered their talents and time to create something inspiring.  To fight for a cause that isn't just a battle for women’s rights, but a battle for human rights.”

"Our creative vision relied on talented, motivated human beings who were willing to pour their hearts into something they believed in. Presenting the issue of women's rights in an up-close and personal way, the story transformed and became even more impactful as everyone put their fingerprint on it,” said Ben. “From the images we chose to represent the past, to the girls and the lyrics of the song representing what we’re fighting for now, I not only want to do what’s right, but creatively I want to be part of something that future generations can build on and where they can see real change happening.”

Only two years into colour grading, Electric Theatre Collective’s Kaitlyn Battistelli has become one to watch with her growing repertoire of stunning music video projects. Her keen instincts are on full display in Brix’s version of 'Just A Girl'. 

Battistelli crafted a subtle, natural look to ensure the female empowerment message of the video remained front and center, making sure every statistic was visible and could be clearly read. Maintaining uniformity with the contrast levels, the grainy nostalgia of projected super 8 film creates a counterpoint to the more bold hues of the facts presented on screen. The mood is shadowy yet warm, allowing the simple and powerful message to resonate with the viewer.  

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