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There’s ‘Nothing Small About’ The Businesses in The Hartford Buck’s Latest Ads

Marketing & PR
New York, USA
New television spots focus on helping small business owners pursue their unique ambitions and prevail through unexpected challenges

The Hartford launched a new small business advertising campaign that brings back a live depiction of the company’s historic icon, with the ads told from his perspective for the first time in the company’s advertising history. A live representation of the logo first appeared in The Hartford’s television advertising in the 1970s and last appeared in 2008.
“The Hartford Buck is a widely recognisable symbol for the company. We believe that by reintroducing him, we will increase the memorability of our advertising and brand promise,” said Kathy Bromage, chief marketing and communications officer for The Hartford. “Throughout our history, our logo has represented strength and confidence. In the new commercials, the Buck serves as the company’s spokesperson, highlighting our commitment to, and respect for small business owners, reinforcing that they can be confident knowing that the Buck’s Got Their Back. While the new commercials focus on small business, this is the promise we make to all of our customers across all of our business lines.”

Television Commercials

The new small business-focused television campaign, “Nothing Small,” comprises three ads that spotlight small business owners pursuing their unique ambitions, showcasing what they do best – a baker as an artist, an accountant as a superhero and a barber as a magician. The ads are told through the perspective of The Hartford Buck and we hear his thoughts, driving home the message with a new tag line that when it comes to protecting your own business, “The Buck’s Got Your Back.” 
The 30-second spots are airing on cable news stations such as CNN, Fox Business Network, CNBC, Bloomberg and MSNBC, as well as streaming services such as Roku and Hulu. The new campaign will also appear in print, and on digital and social media.
The Hartford partnered with its advertising agency of record, Terri & Sandy, on the strategy and creative execution for the new campaign, and the spots were directed by renowned Swedish commercial director, Filip Engstrom of SMUGGLER, a commercial, film, TV, theatre and music video production company. The Buck featured in the commercials was developed using computer-generated imagery (CGI) by The Mill, a creative technology and VFX studio that collaborates on projects for the advertising, gaming, music and film industries.
"The logo is one of the greatest equities of The Hartford,” said Terri Meyer, CEO of Terri & Sandy. “It was time to bring the Buck into the spotlight, give him a personality and tell the story of The Hartford’s mission from his perspective. The new tag line is a promise from The Hartford that our country's small business owners can feel confident and protected with The Hartford behind them.”

Refreshing The Hartford’s Brand

The new small business ads are an integral part of an update to The Hartford’s overall brand messaging platform that includes the new tag line and purpose statement – we underwrite human achievement; which is predicated on the company’s belief that people are capable of achieving amazing things with the right encouragement and support.

The Hartford will incorporate the new message platform across the enterprise including a redesigned company website, advertising in key trade publications for the Group Benefits and Middle Market businesses, as well as updating its Personal Lines television advertising.

“People are increasingly looking to engage with purpose-driven companies and throughout our history our purpose has been to protect and enable human achievement,” Bromage said. “We provide our customers with the insurance protection they need to pursue their unique ambitions, seize opportunity and prevail through unexpected challenges.”


The Hartford Buck

Although it is unknown exactly when the iconic symbol first appeared as The Hartford’s logo, the earliest use on record is on the 1861 policy issued to Abraham Lincoln. It depicts a hart fording (a deer crossing) a stream. The company’s logo was likely inspired by the seal of the city of Hartford, which in turn borrowed from the 17th-century seal of Hertford England. By 1867, the logo began to echo the majestic stag depicted in Sir Edwin Landseer’s 1851 painting, “The Monarch of the Glen.” The logo art and style have continued to shift throughout the years to adjust to the changing art and print needs, however, the Buck remains a clear descendant of the “Monarch of the Glen.”

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