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There's No Monkeying around for This Generous Gorilla in FABLEfx’s Thought-Provoking Spot for PETA

London, UK
‘I Want To Break Free’ vocalises the thoughts of a trapped gorilla with FABLEfx unleashing its Digital Zoo for the film
FABLEfx has once again unleashed it’s astonishing Digital Zoo to bring us Cozy the Gorilla, the hominoid main character of PETA’s brand new commercial ‘Break Free.’

Directed by Jesper Ohlsson and in collaboration with Chapel Films, this latest campaign was created during lockdown and uses the universal language of music, namely Queen, to convey the heart-rending emotions of Cozy, who resides in a zoo.

“Just as Covid-19 was spreading with daily bad news and an industry in lockdown, we received a request from PETA Germany. They wanted to create a new memorable message about Gorillas in captivity”, said Kaj Steveman, creative producer at FABLEfx. "A generic Gorilla was already available in our ever expanding Digital Zoo and a quick walk cycle test sealed the deal. Shoots were a challenge during the spring. We were asked to explore the possibility of shifting the entire production to Sweden, so our old friends at Chapel Films [based in Stockholm] became a perfect partner, and together we approached Jesper Ohlsson to see if he was interested.”

“The Gorilla was named 'Cozy' after a suggestion from Christian Coslar at PETA”, Kaj added. "Design wise, FABLEfx had a Highland Gorilla as a starting point, but as they sadly do not even survive in captivity, there are no Highland Gorillas in zoos. In the end we decided to go for a mix between a Highland and a Lowland Gorilla.”

Kaj goes on to say: “a stand-in in a Gorilla suit was used on the shoot. Both for the children to interact with, and for framing and editing. Some movements were used as a first animation reference. This was an ambitious project on a tight budget, but when everyone pulls together you can get a result that exceeds expectations and becomes something you can be truly proud of. We here at FABLEfx are honoured and humbled to have been part of a great project for a noble cause.”

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