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thenetworkone Regional Spotlight: Italy

Marketing & PR
London, UK
A selection of the best work from Italian agencies affiliated with thenetworkone

Italy: the country of great art, food and music.. and advertising. We have seen some brilliant work coming out of Italy recently, so we wanted to showcase the work of some of our favourite Italian agencies.

Comunico Group

Comunico Group is a marketing communications agency based in Turin. The 20 staff focus not only on creativity, but also on long term marketing. With this in mind, they have invented a creative format which they have dubbed 'Artvertising', which aims to trigger brand awareness through memories and emotions.

Massimo Gioscia, creative director of Comunico Group, says: “People tend to remember better what best engages their heart, mind and soul. This is valid both for our Clients and for target audiences. Facts show that it’s the way you catch people’s attention that marks the way, rather than what you tell. We like to build a more complex, but much more intriguing and engaging message around and about our brands.”

True Company

True Company were established in Milan in 1996. Since then, they have continued to champion creativity with beautiful campaigns and bold ideas.  

The California Almonds: Recharge your energy campaign marks the first Italian campaign to promote almonds, for the largest producer in the world: Almond Board of California. The creative challenge was to reframe a traditional snack. In the TV campaign, bright pastel colours give almonds a new vitality, with a young and fresh feel.


Attila&Co is a cross-media communications and PR agency based in Milan, specialising in Fashion, Design, Lifestyle and Luxury.

There are garments that recall unforgettable moments of our life. Keeping them and wearing them leads us to relive strong feelings: the moments before our wedding, a public speech, a play with our children or a game with friends. Fragments of real life in which we can identify ourselves. Emotions keep us forever tied to these garments and every dress has a story to tell, which is unique. This advertising campaign tells the centrality of the emotions that Boggi Milano inspires in the new gentleman, which allows him to express himself on every occasion of daily life in his city. 

Ideal Comunicazione

Ideal Comunicazione is a creative agency based in Turin, home of the Italian car industry. They create original and beautifully executed campaigns which are unmistakably Italian.

To boost the Fiat Winter Activities, the agency designed and built a caravan that travelled with a Fiat 500X through small villages in the Italian Alps. It was used as a residence by influencers who slept there in exchange for documenting their experience through articles and photos. The agency also partnered with AirBnB to give people the chance to stay in #CASA500 for the last few weekends of its journey.

For the Fiat 500’s 60th anniversary, Ideal designed an event that recreated the aesthetically elegant and powerful imagery and atmosphere of the dawn of the Swinging Sixties.

The cities awoke to find themselves transported back in me to the 4th July 1957, the day when the Fiat 500 was born. Actors, models, a hawker shouting historical facts, a florist making compositions to give the ladies, materialised from the past, whilst the Fiat 500 60th Anniversary edition appeared amongst vintage 500 models parked on the street, showing how me may move on but she remains Forever Young.

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