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‘The World Needs a Festival to Tell the Truth’ Says El Sol Campaign

Advertising Agency
Paris, France
Jokey film by Publicis depicts well-known advertising professionals lying through their teeth on social media
El Sol, the Spanish/South American Festival of Advertising Communication, has launched its campaign for its 33rd edition. It’s a fun concept developed by Sito Morillo and Bitan Franco, executive creative directors at Publicis, based on a universal insight: we all lie to some extent on social media. 

To this end, as in the campaign last year, Publicis has enjoyed the cooperation of industry recognised professionals, who show that the world needs a festival that tells the truth.

As campaigns being developed for clients are shared on different profiles or channels long before anyone sees them at festivals, everyone now has the opportunity to subject them to the judgement of our peers on the same day they are aired.

The problem is that these reviews are not entirely reliable. Often, although the work of our peers does not seem that good, we give them a 'like' or congratulate them for their ideas, either to look good, because they are our friends or because there may be a some personal interest behind doing so. Thus, comments are somewhat conditional, as they are generally positive.

So as the campaign for the 33rd edition of El Sol wanted to demonstrate, with a touch of humour, the festival will tell the truth about what we have all said are really good campaigns. Regarding the campaign’s development, Bitan said they wanted to make, "a popular campaign that connected with the advertising sector and was relevant to the present moment, that would present El Sol as the Spanish/South American benchmark for communication and creativity and, above all that, was fun."

The campaign features recognized professionals from the major Latin American agencies and the US Hispanic market, who have been edited to give them a joke voice while they are watching campaigns created by their peers. "In social networks you see people respond with a ‘like’ to almost everything. No one does not like something, or does not like so much... We saw that there is some untruth in general and thought it would be fun to talk about and also show," said Sito.

The people appearing in the film are:
Maxi Itzkoff and Rafael Santamarina from Santo
Mónica Moro and Raquel Martínez from McCann
Mario Forniés from Blur Films
Eva Santos and Susana Pérez from Proximity
Jesús Lada, Lorena de Amo, María Díez and Arturo Benlloch from Havas
Chiqui Búa and Leles García from Leo Burnett
Lucas Paulino and Ángel Torres from El Ruso de Rocky
Nuria Serrano from VCCP
María Bernal from Lápiz
Emiliano González de Pietri from Grey
Juan Silva from Shackleton
In addition, Toni Segarra, with his own voice, closes the spot while sarcastically praising one piece. 

For Bitan, with this campaign, "El Sol is positioned, with humour, as the solution to this problem, as the festival which tells the truth, because we do not do that much. So, laughing a little at what we all do, we value the ‘likes’ of the jury - the ‘Sols' - who we can trust!

The campaign consists of a video and several cutdowns that will be shared on social networks, and will be accompanied by print with quotes from some of these professionals.

In the words of Sito, El Sol "is one of our festivals of reference and the campaign is demonstrating that role in a fun way." The world needs a festival to tell the truth, a festival with a powerful jury to say what is really good. And this festival is El Sol. They get the true recognition, the ‘like’ of the jury. Bring on the ‘Sols’.