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The Social Partners Launches the UK's First Social Agency Aimed at 50+ Audience

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Walnut Tree aims to tap into the largely ignored but growing demographic

On October 11th at the 2016 Mature Marketing Summit, Grey London sister agency The Social Partners will launch Walnut Tree: the UK’s only social agency specialising in connecting brands with the UK’s fast-growing but largely ignored over-50 audiences.

By 2020, over 50% of UK adults will be over 50

- 16 million UK internet users are over 50

- 9 million UK Facebook users are over 50

- 1 in 3 YouTube users is 50+

- Over-50s own nearly 80% of the UK’s wealth (excluding property and pensions)

- Yet only 5% of UK advertising spend is aimed at over-50s


Walnut Tree Founder, Ivan Palmer says:

“Brands and advertisers need to rethink age. The UK demographic is changing rapidly and there are already more people aged over 45 than under 45. Today’s Mature Majority are mostly Baby Boomers from the 60s. These are the people who were there at the beginning of the internet and grew up side-by-side with modern technology. They are online, active and more open to new ideas and new brands than almost any other cohort"

“Now is the time for brand advertisers to reach out and engage this crucial group with more inclusive content that better reflects their needs and interests.

“Walnut Tree has been created to do precisely this – using personal networking, word of mouth, silver social and the grey web to forge a bridge between brand advertisers and Over-50 audiences.“

“Sadly, age remains one of great ignored -isms in advertising, and we are highly aware that only 5% of people involved in advertising are aged over-50. So, in addition to shifting perceptions about the over-50s as a vital brand audience, Walnut Tree will also have an active agenda to work with over-50 talent.”

Ahead of its launch, Walnut Tree has agreed partnerships with Women’s Institute and, through which it will offer clients national social sampling panels targeting category influencers and early adopters – following the successful service model of its parent company The Social Partners. Additional services on offer include specialist over 50 social listening and research and over 50 blogger recruitment and management.


Leo Rayman, CEO, Grey London, adds:

“This important launch recognises a new reality for marketers – that there is competitive advantage in growing an audience rather than just ‘reaching a target market’. The biggest movers in popular culture have an intimate understanding of their audiences, they know what excites them and how to grow that audience over time. Walnut Tree is an exciting opportunity to connect with an underserved community.”