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The Red Dwarf Crew Breaks Down in adam&eveDDB's AA Spot

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London, UK
Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Cat and Kryten return in campaign produced by Grant Naylor Productions

This week the AA announced the launch of a new product to add to their digitally enhanced breakdown service portfolio, Smart Breakdown.

Smart Breakdown is a small and mighty piece of tech that can identify the fault in most engine-related breakdowns and many of the most frequent warning lights.

Designed to let drivers know if something is wrong with their car, the innovative new device can see faults weeks before a breakdown might happen. In the event the car does break down, Smart Breakdown will provide valuable fault data to the AA, helping to get AA Members fixed and back on the road faster.

Following the success of last year’s campaign, the AA is launching a new episode of the Stellar Rescue series which features the cast of Red Dwarf. In the ad, created by adam&eveDDB in collaboration with Grant Naylor Productions, the Red Dwarf crew are back and have broken down in Starbug again – but with the help of Smart Breakdown and the AA they are soon back on their way.

The launch of Smart Breakdown is part of the AA’s commitment to delivering ‘simpler and smarter’ products for their Members and customers, now and into the future. As a category-leading brand the AA’s media planning and buying agency Goodstuff identified the importance of impressing UK drivers with bold media executions across the country to kick-start the campaign with impact. The new 60” TV ad will feature in the launch episode of Bake Off with a first in break spot on the 10th March, and the campaign will be displayed in OOH on the BFI IMAX in London.

Goodstuff will be running the campaign across cinema, VOD, radio and OOH. Press planning and buying will be handled by The Specialist Works and will deliver contextually relevant creative in print as well as a national cover wrap in the Metro.

Sam Drake, managing partner at Goodstuff said: “We’ve been on an exciting journey with the AA to get to the launch of their new product and future-facing positioning. The brave creative concept and bold media executions are testament to a business who are sure of what they stand for and are not afraid to shout about it.”

The AA’s marketing director, Tracy Abraham, remarked: “We are really proud to build on the success of our campaign last year with an ad promoting Smart Breakdown. This product perfectly embodies our commitment to making driving life simpler and smarter through technology, and we are looking forward to seeing our new creative showcased in media channels and heavy-hitting placements we have not used before.”

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