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The Producers Aim to Un-isolate Creativity with New Online Blog and Virtual Cinematheque ‘ProducersCONNECT’

Production Company
Melbourne, Australia
ProducersCONNECT launches for the creative community continue to share and inspire

Fostering creativity through these strange times can be an undoubted challenge. Yet production company The Producers have initiated an outlet that can help our creative community continue to share and inspire through an online blog and virtual cinematheque called ProducersCONNECT.

ProducersCONNECT features a TOP 19 topics (see what they did there) covering all sorts of creative avenues. It’s already put forward lists such as the Top 19 remote desktops, Top 19 screen ideas and Top 19 Blogs and Web magazines. Look out for new topics weekly and LBB readers are encouraged to make their own suggestions.

ProducersCONNECT also houses our Directors Instagram takeover feed where each of visual creators take turns to share images and films that inspire them. Check it out for some truly beautiful imagery and stories.

The final piece of ProducersCONNECT is a VIRTUAL CINEMATHEQUE which is an opportunity for The Producers’ talented stable of Directors to showcase their skills with a specially created film in our new world. The catch is that the creation and making of each film must follow the rules of the ProducersCONNECT manifesto crafted by the directors themselves which is outlined below. New films are released weekly on Wednesday at 12 noon.

The Producers aim to un-isolate creativity with launch of a new online blog and virtual cinematheque ‘ProducersCONNECT’

The first piece comes from Thuy Vy who was in self-isolation away from his family after returning from Los Angeles after Australia’s borders were closed. It’s well worth a minute of your time – a film beguilingly simple yet stunningly beautiful with a deep message.

The Producers aim to un-isolate creativity with launch of a new online blog and virtual cinematheque ‘ProducersCONNECT’ The Producers aim to un-isolate creativity with launch of a new online blog and virtual cinematheque ‘ProducersCONNECT’

Next up is Gemma Lee’s film which again explores the evolving themes of our new world with some gorgeous pictures and a haunting soundtrack.

The Virtual Cinematheque is open to any creative out there wanting to make a submission so please get in touch at if you would like to contribute. As mentioned all that’s required is to follow the manifesto rules as below.

The Producers’ Virtual Cinematheque Manifesto
1.  Shooting must be done on a phone.
2.  The director must shoot, write and edit their film.
3.  The duration should not exceed 60 seconds.
4.  Special lighting is not acceptable (if there is too little light for exposure the scene must be cut or a single lamp be attached to the camera).
5.  Optical work (adapters) and filters are forbidden, (special effects filters/ post filters).
6.  The film must not contain superficial action. (Murders, weapons, etc. must not occur).
7.  The director should work to their own theme inspired by current events (unless otherwise directed by their peers),
8.  The director will deliver a final video within 7 days from their selected start date.
9.  The film is to be made in line with current government health and safety regulations.
10.  The director will retain all rights but agrees to premier their content with The Producers.

Visit the Cinematheque here

Visit the ProducersCONNECT blog here

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