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The Original ‘It’ Girl: Classic Meets Contemporary in ‘Seduction & Celebrity’ Trailer

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London, UK
Armoury team up with Royal Museums Greenwich to create trailer for National Maritime Museum’s Emma Hamilton exhibition
Armoury has teamed up with Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG), juxtaposing one of history’s finest female figures with contemporary culture in a trailer for the National Maritime Museum’s new Emma Hamilton exhibition; ‘Seduction & Celebrity’.

Tasked with providing a glimpse into the story of Lady Hamilton’s life as Admiral Nelson’s lover, Armoury drew on today’s celeb-obsessed world to create a promotional film drawing on the parallel between celebrities then and now.

With it important to get the balance right between being playful with the idea of celebrity and engendering empathy for the most painted woman in history, the film refrains from using a full period cast and neo-classical location, instead taking Emma as she was and placing her in today’s ‘it girl’ scenarios - from Loose Women appearances and discarded tabloids, to magazine covers and the back of a window-tinted Range Rover.

In an attempt to remain true to her story throughout, Armoury and RMG worked together to uncover Hamilton’s history as a bold, beautiful and fascinating individual whose traits mirrored those of many modern day celebrities. Portraying Hamilton as the original ‘it girl’ allowed Armoury to conceptualise the overall theme of her story whilst also enabling an efficient and cost effective production. 

Jack Laurance, Director at Armoury, comments: “As you'd expect, the budget for this sort of project wasn’t huge, but we made a virtue of slightly lower production values in the form of the leaked sex tape and the Loose Women TV studio. Sourcing period costumes is obviously more challenging on lower budgets but we had a great team - in the form of Grace Snell (wardrobe) and Bean Ellis (hair and makeup) - who both brought a lot to the table.”

Seduction & Celebrity is the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Armoury and RMG, with the pair working together on previous exhibition trailers. Jack explains: “They’re a great client to work with. Advertising an exhibition with a trailer is interesting because a literal interpretation of the exhibition experience is never really going to work on film. The clients we’ve worked with on these sorts of briefs are therefore much more open to creative interpretations.

“They were great in terms of letting us run with the premise but very hands on with the historical accuracy which was obviously key. There are lots of little details in there for the eagle eyed that relate specifically to the period and Emma's extraordinary life.”

Zeena Virani, Senior Marketing Manager at Royal Museums Greenwich, adds: “The trailer was brave and bold and used quite a different approach to our other exhibition trailers. Armoury’s vision brought Emma’s story to life for a 21st-century audience, and it was fantastic to work with them.”

The trailer launches on November 3rd, and the exhibition runs from November 2016 to April 2017.  

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