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The Immortal Awards Announces 2021 Winners
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London, UK
Just four projects crowned Immortal as six receive coveted Commendations

The winners of the 2021 Immortal Awards have been announced and just four projects have been crowned Immortal by this year’s jury.

The 31 piece shortlist was discussed and debated by a global jury, composed of jurors from each of this year’s five regional competitions, with just four Immortal winners and six Commendations being awarded this year.

The winning projects were selected at the final virtual round of judging held on Thursday 18th November.

This year’s Immortal winners are:

Propuesta Civica - #StillSpeakingUp DeepTruth

Submitted by: Publicis Latvia & Publicis Mexico

Mastercard - True Name

Submitted by: Hungry Man US

Beats by Dre - You Love Me

Submitted by: PRETTYBIRD & Company 3

Reddit - Superb Owl

Submitted by: R/GA California

Europe makes its mark this year with Latvia and Italy being recognised among the Immortals and Commendations for the first time ever. Both recognised projects, Propuesta Civica - #StillSpeakingUp DeepTruth and Heineken - Shutter Ads, qualified for this year's Immortal Awards through the competition's partnership with Golden Drum, at which both were Grand Prix winners this year.

Hungry Man has equalled the current record by securing a third Immortal Award for True Name, following two wins in 2019. 

Somesuch continues to uphold its standard of quality, having been recognised among the Immortals and Commendations each year since the inaugural awards in 2018.

Building on the competition’s growth last year, there was a 14% increase in the number of entrant companies in 2021, from 541 in 2020 to 619 in 2021.

This year’s global jury maintained the incredibly high standards set by the juries in the competition’s first three years, limiting the number of Immortal winners to four - the same number as 2018, 2019, and 2020 - while also keeping the number of Commendations low, at just six.

With every single entry into the Immortal Awards scoring points, the results of this year’s Immortal Awards, as well as previous years can be viewed on the League Table of Creativity. The League Table has been designed as a useful tool for those who seek to find out the most creative companies in the world across both network and company level, with the ability to filter on yearly results as well as regions, countries and cities. 

Matt Cooper, founder of Little Black Book, comments: "Four years in, we are so proud of what the Immortal Awards is fast becoming. Our dream was to do something different; to be free to enter, hard to win and to celebrate truly great work. It is also about showing this work to the world, which we will continue to do globally in cinemas and in-house. Our belief is that country-by-country we can really help the world see the greatest work and inspire them to make it. Now we want to push The Immortal Awards a whole lot further. Next year, we aim to do local judging on the ground in many more countries before returning to in-person regional and global finals - and we are so excited."

Paul Monan, awards director of The Immortal Awards, comments: "With the introduction of local jury days, this year’s judging has been a phenomenal experience. Having listened to creatives around the world, our belief is that the work judged locally by locals, then regionally with hand-picked locals, and then globally with some of our regional jurors, would get discussed and distilled in a way that has never been done before and it paid off. Thank you to our jurors this year and, of course, a huge congratulations to the four Immortal winners and the six Commendation recipients on their achievements as our juries were as tough as we've ever seen."

The full list of winners for The Immortal Awards 2021: 


Propuesta Civica - #StillSpeakingUp DeepTruth, submitted by Publicis Latvia and Publicis Mexico
Mastercard - True Name, submitted by Hungry Man US
Beats by Dre - You Love Me, submitted by PRETTYBIRD & Company 3
Reddit - Superb Owl, submitted by R/GA California


House of Lapland - Salla 2032

Submitted by: Africa

City of Chicago - Boards of Change

Submitted by: FCB Chicago

Channel 4 Paralympics - Super. Human.

Submitted by: Time Based Arts, Somesuch, Factory Studios, Leland Music, Final Cut London

Heineken - Shutter Ads

Submitted by: Publicis Italy

Heinz - Draw Ketchup

Submitted by: Rethink

Duck Sauce - Mesmerize

Submitted by: Caviar