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The Essential List: Yoshi Fujisawa

London, UK
The Nomad Tokyo MD on staycations in Zushi, his adorable pet cat and Michael Jackson’s ‘Black Or White’

The MD of Nomad Tokyo since April of last year, Yoshi is an industry veteran of TBWA and Monster Films. Together with Masato Midorikawa, he is a founding partner of edit house Nomad’s Tokyo office. 

For over a year Yoshi and Nomad have been demonstrating the value of western-style VFX in the Japanese market, with their work spanning Japan-only commercials (such as their work for Audi) as well as translating and adapting western work to Japan. 

In his Essential List, Yoshi shares his top picks for vacations, music videos, magazines and more. 


o Place of birth: Sendai, Japan.

o Hometown: Zushi, Japan.

o Staycation: Love to stay in my hometown Zushi for a weekend or to go to Atami as a hot spring spot for a weekend trip.

o Vacation: Islands in Okinawa.

o Pet: My cat, Miska.

o Place of work: Nomad office in Tokyo.

o Place of workout: My neighbourhood, Zushi beach.

o Mode of transport: Train and walking.


o Artist: Andy Warhol.

o Musician: ohashiTrio.

o Commercials / music video director: Spike Jonze, Lance Acord.

o Film director: Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Shunji Iwai.

o Film: There are too many to pick just one…

o Series: I recently enjoyed watching The Boys.

o Commercial: Apple Silhouette Ads.

o Music video: Michael Jackson - Black Or White.

o Book: Kotaro Isaka ‘Remote Control’.

o Newspaper (off or online): Nikkei. (

o Magazine: Pen. ( 

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Rice, grilled fish and miso soup.

o Restaurant: Sushi Satake in Tsukiji.

o Cheap bite: Ramen noodles.

o Working lunch: Salad with greens.

o Favourite dish: Yakisoba (Pan-fried noodles).

o Signature dish: Japanese tasted spaghetti.

o Bar: Welfun Café in Yoyogi Uehara.

o Booze: Beer, whiskey, Japanese shochu, wine and sherry.

o Not booze: Coffee.

o Bonus food: Aged beef.


o Phone: iPhone XS.

o Computer: MacBook Pro.

o TV: Panasonic 4K LED.

o Headphones: Beats X.

o Soundsystem: Bose.

o Pen / pencil: Apple Pencil.

o Where you document an idea: On my iPhone.

o Casual clothing: T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

o Footwear: New Balance sneakers.

o Watch: G-Shock.

o Digital work tool: iPad Pro with keyboard and pencil.

o Analogue work tool: Pen and paper.