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The Essential List: Tom Rickard

Production Company
Stockholm, Sweden
MD/EP of Stockholm’s Hobby Film will never tire of Seinfeld, is working on perfecting the art of BBQ sauce and backs himself in the event of a zombie apocalypse
Hobby Film’s managing director / executive producer Tom Rickard is a globetrotter. Sydney born, Stockholm based, he’s also lived and worked in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. He’s a man of many places and a man of many faces - a former teacher and ghost walk tour guide (see bonus picture below).

Tom started at Hobby as a production intern, moved into sales, moved to Amsterdam to open Hobby Amsterdam and eventually took over as MD/EP in 2015. Since then his focus has been on pushing Hobby further into the international realm through expansion into new territories, as well as bringing the international stage to Scandinavia by developing the roster to include names like Perlorian Brothers, Cloé Bailly and Fred De Loof.

His tastes are as varied and intriguing as his background. Have a gander.


o Place of birth: Sydney
o Hometown: Stockholm
o Staycation: A little piece of mosquito-ridden hell called Gårdskär about two hours north of Stockholm. We bought our cabin several years ago and get up there every chance we get. 

o Vacation: San Sebastian
o Pet: I’ve enough malting hair myself and a decent amount of poop to clean up from a one year old. 
o Place of work: Our newly painted Hobby HQ 

Hobby HQ (featuring office manager Khouloud) 

o Side project: Attempting to create the world’s most delicious BBQ sauce. 
o Bonus travel essential: Trashy airport crime novels. 


o Artist: The team at Ardmore Ceramics
o Musician: Bill Evans
o Commercials / music video director: I have the pleasure of working with all my favourites!
o Film director: Taika Waititi
o Photographer: Aida Chehrehgosha

o Film: The Death of Stalin
o Series: Seinfeld. I’m amazed at how well the humour holds up after all these years and how the show somehow remains relatively undated.  
o Commercial: Epuron - The Wind, directed by Björn Rühmann
o Music video: Witness the Fitness, Roots Manuva

o Board game: Cards Against Humanity
o Book: The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton
o Podcast: My Dad Wrote a Porno / Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
o Newspaper (off or online): Jump between Svenska Dagbladets and Sydney Morning Herald 
o Magazine: Bon Appetit

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Anything plus bacon
o Restaurant: Soenda Kelapa Indonesisch Eethuis in Amsterdam. The food is great and, for whatever reason, they only play the same Norah Jones CD on repeat which gives it an oddly calming and familiar atmosphere 
o Cheap bite: Bruno’s Korv 

o Working lunch: Häktet 
o Favourite dish: Beef rendang
o Signature dish: Once a year my wife and I do an ‘Apocalypse Week’ where we force ourselves to cook only using the supplies we have on hand in the cupboards and we’re getting pretty good. We also feel quite confident about our survival during the impending zombie apocalypse
o Snack: Pork scratchings
o Guilty pleasure: Tony’s Chocolonely 
o Bar: Häktet

o Booze: Red wine 
o Not booze: Long black


o Phone: iPhone
o Computer: Mac
o TV: Anything with Chromecast
o Headphones: AirPods (despite the fact they cut off the first second of my calls when I greet people leading to awkward situations where people think I answer the phone without saying anything). 
o Soundsystem: Teenage Engineering OD-11
o Where you document an idea: Out walking
o Casual clothing: Fallen in love with ‘A Day’s March'
o Smart clothing: Suit Supply
o Footwear: Vans
o Watch: My ‘International Man of Movember 2013’ watch

o App: I’d be nothing without Calm
o Website: A Hobby side hustle called ‘

o Work program: Evernote
o Digital work tool: Evernote
o Analogue work tool: Pen
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: A few months back I shaved my head and my beard in an effort to avoid morning grooming.
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