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The Essential List: Ringan Ledwidge

Production Company
London, UK
Rattling Stick co-founder and director reveals his love for dry martinis, Freddo Frogs and Michael Jackson’s Thriller

A household name in adland, Ringan Ledwidge is one of the industry’s top commercials directors. With many an accolade to his name, Ringan has directed  award-winning work for the likes of Sainsbury’s, Nike, Massive Attack and Audi to name a few. 

LBB catches up with the Rattling Stick co-founder to find out what he considers to be his ‘Essential List’.


o Place of birth: Canterbury

o Hometown: Hmm. Tricky. London / LA

o Staycation: Blue Posts

o Vacation: Somewhere you can see the ocean

o Place of work: Right now? Here

o Place of workout: Funny…

o Mode of transport: Legs and wheels

o Miscellaneous Travel Essential: Clean underwear


o Artist: Raymond Pettibon

o Musician: Jr Pertwee 

o Commercials director: Frank Budgen

o Film director: Jacques Audiard

o Photographer: Danny Lyon

o Film: Apocalypse Now

o Series: Silicon Valley

o Commercial: Dunlop tested for the Unexpected by Tony Kaye

o Music Video: Thriller 

o Video Game: Tenchu: Stealth Assassins 

o Board Game: Backgammon 

o Book: A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter

o Graphic Novel: Maus

o Newspaper (off or online): The Guardian

o Magazine: Viz

o Miscellaneous Art: Any inspiring graffiti 

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Eggs

o Restaurant: Fez Mangal

o Cheap bite: Fish and chips

o Working lunch: Whatever Rich Orrick is eating

o Dish: Pasta

o Snack: Salt and vinegar crisps

o Guilty Pleasure: Freddo Frog

o Bar: Chez Jays

o Tipple: Dry Martini

o Soft Tipple: Dry Martini

o Miscellaneous food: Italian

o Miscellaneous Beverage: Lager


o Phone: Occasionally

o Computer: Yes

o TV: Less and less

o Headphones: Yes

o Camera: Yes

o Soundsystem: Yes

o Pen / pencil: Pencil

o Where you document an idea: In my brain

o Casual wear: Yes 

o Smart wear: Depends on the event

o Footwear: Out ‘yes’, home ‘no’

o Watch: Yes. An old one.

o App: Nope

o Website: Nope

o Blog: Nope

o Analogue work tool: Eyes 

o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Clean my teeth, privates and armpits

o Miscellaneous Kit Essential: Apple, sandwich, bag of crisps and a tape measure