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The Essential List: Phoecus Lee

Advertising Agency
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ECD at VMLY&R COMMERCE Malaysia on his love for Moulin Rouge, Pokémon GO and Kombucha

Phoecus Lee is executive creative director at VMLY&R COMMERCE. He started his illustrious career in 2007 at GREY Group.

A graduate from the National University of Malaysia and RMIT Australia, Phoecus has worked on brands like GlaxoSmithKline, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate Palmolive, Nestle, Carlsberg, Guinness Anchor Berhad, ABOTT, Danone, SHELL, Audi, Nissan, Proton, Maybank, AXA AFFIN, CIMB, LG, Resorts World Genting, Magnum4D, Beiersdorf, Foodpanda, Subway, Astro and many more.

With an unwavering passion for creativity and advertising for almost two decades, his work has won accolades at Cannes, One Show, LIAA, AdFest, New York Festival, Longxi Awards, Effie Awards, as well as PMAA The Dragon of Asia Awards.

He always look forward to the challenges, brand development and believes in incorporating cuttingedge technology and digital ideas to produce polished, integrated work.


o Place of Birth: On the super-single bed – Kwan Clinic

o Hometown: Malacca – UNESCO World Heritage Sites

o Staycation: Banyan Tree

o Vacation: Prague

o Pet: Betta

o Place of Work: It's an office, it’s a hotel, it's a bank, it's a restaurant, it's a café

o Place of Workout: From living hall to kitchen to bedroom to toilet back to living hall

o Side Project: (Prohibit disclosure under Intelligence Identities Protection Act)

o Mode of transport: Always safe – Car

o Bonus Travel Essential: Poy-Sian Menthol Nasal Inhaler


o Artist: Kim Gung Ji

o Musician: Gorillaz, Lisa Ono

o Commercial/ music video director: Thanonchai Sornsrivichai

o Film Director: Tim Burton

o Photographer: Steve McCurry

o Film: Moulin Rouge

o TV Series: Black Mirror

o Commercial: Nano Nano

o Video Game: Pokemon Go

o Board Game: Congkak (Malaysian Traditional Games)

o Book: The one with Face

o Graphic Novel: Old Master Q

o Podcasts: My mom’s calls

o Newspaper (off or online): CNN

o Magazine: Monocle


o Breakfast: Half boiled eggs

o Restaurant: Putien

o Cheap Bite: Laksa with cockles (Curry Noodles)

o Working lunch: Chicken Rice

o Favourite Dish: Fish paste noodles

o Signature Dish: Crabs

o Snack: Squid heads

o Guilty pleasure: Roast Pork

o Bar: Gold

o Booze: Asahi

o Not booze: Kombucha

o Bonus food: Century eggs

o Bonus beverage: Serai (Lemongrass) Juice


o Phone: Made by Lee Byung-Chul (Samsung)

o Computer: Symbol from the Garden of Eden (Apple)

o TV: LG

o Headphones: Bang & Olufsen

o Camera: Leica

o Soundsystem: Harman Kardon

o Pen / pencil: 2B

o Where you document an idea: Hippocampus

o Casual clothing: Hollister

o Smart clothing: Anything black

o Footwear: Yeezy

o Watch: Time is an illusion

o Collection: Smiles

o App: Bank

o Website: National Geographic

o Favorite social media feed: Searching...

o Work program: AI & PSD

o Digital work tool: MacBook 

o Analogue work tool: Stickers

o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Ylang Ylang

o Bonus Kit Essential: Sanitizer