The Essential List: Philip Pirkovic

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The senior media designer at Noble People stans Guy Fieri, eats in his parents’ diner and co-hosts an Instagram TV series
The Essential List: Philip Pirkovic

It was just a few weeks ago that LBB’s Americas editor Addison Capper publicly expressed his love for Guy Fieri, despite his obvious bonehead demeanour. Philip Pirkovic, a senior media designer at New York agency Noble People, is a fellow stan of this roaming bleach-haired nosher, citing Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives as his all-time favourite TV series. Eat your heart out HBO. 

When he’s not devouring food-based TV, you can find Philip chowing down on American fare in his parents' diner or homely Macedonian cooked by his grandmother. 

Check it out.


o Place of birth: Flint, Michigan.

o Hometown: Flint, Michigan.

o Staycation: A night out in Detroit: dinner at Flowers of Vietnam, drinks at Candy Bar, Sugar House & Cafe d'Mongo's, capped off with a late night bite at Lafayette Coney Island. 

o Vacation: I've been obsessing over Berlin and Tokyo for a while. Those are next on my list. 

o Pet: Never had one.

o Place of work: Noble People.

o Place of workout: Church Street Boxing Gym & Y7 Yoga Studio.

o Side project: Idea Exchange, a monthly workshop and incubator series that I help host which engages creatives and entrepreneurs from dynamic and diverse backgrounds. Also, Free Smoke, an Instagram TV series that covers all things business, culture, and creativity, co-hosted by myself and Ani Sanyal. 

o Mode of transport: Walking, the train, Uber.
o Bonus travel essential: My mophie.


o Artist: Gianni Lee.

o Musician: Anik Khan.

o Film director: Berry Jenkins, Ryan Coolger, Jordan Peele.
o Photographer: Vuhlandes.

o Film: Superbad.
o Series: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I stan Guy Fieri.

o Commercial: Not really a commercial, but everything Nike's released this year has been on point. 

o Music video: Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis.
o Video game: NBA 2k series. I grew up playing these with my brothers. We always sneak a game in whenever we see each other. 
o Boardgame: Connect 4.
o Book: This is not a T-shirt by Bobby Hundreds.

o Podcast: The Business of HYPE by Jeff Staple 
o Newspaper (off or online): The New York Times, The Atlantic (both online). 
o Magazine: The Strategist (digital publication).
o Bonus culture essential: 'Virgil Abloh'.

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Iced coffee & chocolate croissant from Saturday's NYC.
o Restaurant: My parents would hate me if I didn't say their diner, Capitol Coney Island in Flint.

o Working lunch: Usually cava.
o Favourite dish: A traditional homemade Macedonian meal cooked by my mom and grandmother: cevaphi, avjar, zelnik, sarma, musaka, tavce gravce, and shopska... okay I need to book a trip home because I'm hungry now. 

o Signature dish: I make the best french toast in the tri-state area, don't @ me.
o Snack: Whatever fruits are available at the office: apples, pears, bananas, grapes, etc.
o Guilty pleasure: Cliff's Pizza.

o Booze: Casamigos blanco tequila, rocks, lime.
o Bonus beverage: Masala chai from Kolkata Chai Co. (Best chai in all of New York).


o Phone: iPhone X Max, rose gold.
o Computer: 2016 12" Apple MacBook, small but mighty.
o TV: Vizio
o Headphones: Am I the only person that doesn't have AirPods?!
o Camera: I used to have a Canon, but I mainly use my iPhone now.
o Pen / pencil: Ball Bearing Ball-Point Bic® Pen by Benjamin Edgar.

o Where you document an idea: iPhone Notes app.
o Casual clothing: White Nike Air Force 1s, ASOS jeans, and JoeFreshGoods / Carhartt t-shirt. Check out the drip on my Instagram.
o Smart clothing: White Nike Air Force 1s, ASOS jeans, JoeFreshGoods / Carhartt t-shirt with a flannel or denim button up.
o Footwear: Checks over stripes (Nike).
o Watch: Becomb Rose Gold Infinity Piece by Levi Maestro.

o App: Twitter.
o Website: Reddit.
o Favourite social media feed: Will Smith on Instagram
o Work program: Slack.
o Digital work tool: Google Docs and collaborative Keynote.
o Analogue work tool: Good ol pen and paper.
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