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The Essential List: Mate Steinforth

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Sehsucht partner and creative director has a shameful soft spot for slogan shirts and a particular kind of doughnut
The Essential List: Mate Steinforth
Mate Steinforth has been celebrated throughout his production career, beginning in 2005 when he won the Stash Magazine Global Student Animation Award as a graphic design graduate. Ever since he’s continued to smash it, working in Hamburg, Madrid, Munich and New York. As partner and creative director at Berlin-based Sehsucht he no longer spends his time ‘pushing pixels around’ but is still involved in some of the most exciting works of filmmaking, animation and visual effects being made in Germany.

Check out his Essential List to find out what stokes his production engines.


o Place of birth: Hannover

o Hometown: Berlin
o Staycation: Berlin

o Vacation: Sagres, Portugal
o Pet: Cats Alex & Nieve

o Place of work: SEHSUCHT 
o Place of workout: Gym
o Side project: Faux Images 
o Mode of transport: Cargo eBike Urban Arrow

o Bonus travel essential: eScooter sharing


For any of these questions there are too many to list, these are just the ones that popped up in my head...
o Artist: Paul Klee
o Musician: Hudson Mohawke, Iglooghost
o Commercials / music video director: Chris Cunningham
o Film director: Neill Blomkamp 

o Photographer: Nick Knight
o Film: Pulp Fiction
o Commercial: Philips Carousel 

o Music video: All Is Full Of Love
o Video game: GTA IV 
And or course Turrican on the Commodore 64

o Board game: Settlers of Catan
o Book: Anything by Douglas Adams 
o Graphic novel: Anything by Mawil 
o Podcast: Radiolab 
o Newspaper (off or online): Zeit 
o Bonus culture essential:


Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Oatmeal
o Restaurant: Japanese, Korean
o Cheap bite: Currywurst
o Working lunch: Yakitori
o Favourite dish: Spicy tuna bowl
o Signature dish: Pancakes
o Snack: Kameruner 
o Guilty pleasure: Kameruner

o Bar: I rarely go to any bars, so the one around our corner, which is called End
o Booze: White Russian
o Not booze: Water
o Bonus food: Wiener schnitzel
o Bonus beverage: Water


o Phone: iPhone
o Computer: Any (Mac or PC)
o TV: None
o Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M50

o Camera: An old Nikon D90, but I just usually use my phone.
o Soundsystem: JBL LSR305 Mk II

o Pen / pencil: HB
o Where you document an idea: In a sketchbook first, in notes second.
o Casual clothing:Jeans, Sweater (with a funny print that should be listed as guilty pleasure). You can even buy my shirts here

o Smart clothing: Suit
(Le moi at FITC Amsterdam 2018)

o Footwear: Sneakers
o Watch: None, I hate stuff dangling on my wrist
o App: Google Maps. Despite living in Berlin for 10 years now, I can hardly find my way home without using Maps.
o Website / social media feed: I am in the process of getting rid of social media, but until then it has been Facebook.
o Work program: Calendar
o Digital work tool: Photoshop
o Analogue work tool: Pencil
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Brushing teeth I guess
o Bonus kit essential: iPhone and Macbook chargers - can't have enough of them.
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Sehsucht, Fri, 29 Mar 2019 16:43:36 GMT