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The Essential List: Lulo Calio
London, UK
The chief creative officer of FCB&FiRe Buenos Aires loves all things Mexican and reportedly makes the best omelette in Latin America

Lulo Calio is the chief creative officer of FCB&FiRe Buenos Aires, the branded content offering created by the alliance of FCB and FiRe Advertainment in Latin America in 2018. He also makes the best omelette in Latin America (or so we hear). But when he's not eating omelettes, you can find him chowing down on street tacos or, when his sweet tooth leads proceedings, his favourite 'alfajores' do the trick. 

Check out Lulo's Essential List to find out more. 


o Place of birth: I don’t remember.
o Hometown: Buenos Aires
o Vacation: Tulum, Mexico

o Pet: My Sofia

o Place of work: A great pub with a city view
o Place of workout: Sorry, no workout
o Side project: Taking care of my plants
o Mode of transport: Unfortunately, car
o Bonus travel essential: Whiskey


o Artist: A classic one, Picasso
o Musician: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
o Commercials / music video director: Ringan Ledwidge, the director of Three o Little Pigs commercial
o Film director: Martin Scorsese
o Photographer: Ale Burset

o Film: Roma by Cuarón
o Series: The Sopranos
o Commercial: This is very difficult. Only one? Ok. A new one, ‘Don’ts’ by The Independent.

o Music video: The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (It’s a Monty Python scene)

o Video game: Fortnite
o Board game: T.E.G. (Google it, millennial)
o Book: The last one was ‘Badmen’ Bob Hoffman 
o Graphic novel: ‘El Eternauta’ by Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López
o Podcast: Sorry, no podcast yet.
o Newspaper (off or online):  I love gossip so The Sun or something similar in Argentina.

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
o Restaurant: Pujol in Mexico City.
o Cheap bite: Street tacos in Mexico. Sorry, I love Mexico.
o Working lunch: Woks with a lot of ‘I don’t know’.
o Favourite dish: Milanesa napolitana
o Signature dish: My omelette is the best of Latin America.
o Snack: This alfajor:

o Guilty pleasure: Sushi
o Bar: All of Barcelona’s bars.
o Booze: Gin and tonic
o Not booze: Simple water
o Bonus food: Pizza. But not NY pizza.
o Bonus beverage: Lemonade


o Phone: iPhone
o Computer: Mac
o TV: Netflix
o Headphones: Bose
o Camera: iPhone
o Soundsystem: What?
o Pen / pencil: LAMY
o Where you document an idea: My Little Black Book.
o Casual clothing: Black t-shirt
o Smart clothing: Black t-shirt
o Footwear: Nike
o Watch: Sorry, no watch.
o Collection: Pins… a lot of pins.
o App: Forza
o Website:
o Favourite social media feed: Twitter
o Work program: My little black book.
o Digital work tool: TimePage
o Analogue work tool: My day core list
o Morning grooming / makeup essential:  Shower
o Bonus kit essential: My bag of adapters