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The Essential List: Glenn Kitson

London, UK
The founder of The Rig Out on making Wickerman for the Brexit generation, why breakfast is for wimps and his collection of “big coats”
Glenn Kitson is a director and the founder of creative studio The Rig Out. But on top of his work as a filmmaker, he has been a staple follow on our social media feeds for years. He's no longer on the platform but his Twitter was once upon a time stacked full of brilliantly sarcastic takes on social events. On Instagram he recently launched a page dedicated to putting those Stone Island patches that they put on the arm of all of their clothes onto mundane pictures from the past. Trust us, it is much better than it sounds. 

His most recent piece of work is a film for adidas' collaboration with Manchester United that's filled with buckets of '90s nostalgia. Check it out here. Once you've done that, get to know Glenn, his passion for supermarket samosas and how he’s making Wickerman for the Brexit generation in his Essential List below. 


o Place of birth: Bolton.
o Hometown: London.
o Staycation: We have an old 80s VW campervan, we took it to Skye the other year, which was mega. When I say took, I mean my wife did as she drives because I’m still a loser. 

o Vacation: California or Ibiza, catching the amazing light on film. While my wife drives...

o Pet: Lyla the Cat.

o Place of work: London.
o Place of workout: Workout?
o Side project: A film about northern scallies in banging GORE-TEX and outdoors gear who are into paganism, it’s basically Wickerman for the Brexit generation – coming soon.
o Mode of transport: My feet.
o Bonus travel essential: My kids.


o Artist: Jeremy Deller - I’ll be honest, I don’t really know much about art. I’ve always felt on the outside of it but the topics Deller works with are those that I am familiar with so I feel I have a right to an opinion, he’s like my gateway artist into art. Beyond that for me it was always comic artists like Brett Ewin or Mike McMahon or record sleeve designers like Central Design. 

o Musician: Andrew Weatherall.
o Commercials / music video director: Daniel Wolfe.
o Film director: Lynne Ramsay.
o Photographer: Elaine Constantine
o Film: Whistle Down the Wind.
o Series: Columbo.
o Commercial: Ryan Giggs’ Reebok commercial from the ‘90s - you’d never get a professional footballer to do that nowadays. Or the one with Ryan Giggs’ brother Rohdri for Paddy Power.

o Music video: Blind Faith by Chase and Status or All I Need by Air.
o Book: Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson.
o Graphic novel: The Invisibles by Grant Morrison.
o Newspaper (off or online): Bolton Evening News.
o Magazine: Old copies of The Face.

o Bonus culture essential: I have a National Art Pass.

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Breakfast is for wimps but I like strawberries with some granola. and a dash of almond yoghurt.
o Restaurant: Spiritland (please book me again Paul).
o Cheap bite: M&S veggie samosas.
o Working lunch: Troy Bar in Shoreditch.
o Favourite dish: The one with the most.

o Signature dish: I make a banging prawn and garlic pasta thing.
o Snack: M&S veggie samosa.
o Guilty pleasure: Shoplifting.
o Bar: 16 years of recovery mate *wink*.
o Booze: n/a.
o Not booze: Kombucha.
o Bonus food: Can we have another basket of bread, please?
o Bonus beverage: Oat milk flat white.


o Phone: iPhone.
o Computer: MacBook.
o TV: We have a flat screen television at home but I much prefer to go to the cinema to watch stuff so I don’t look at my phone or Google the cast or the gaffer or the best boy.
o Headphones: Bose.
o Camera: Leica M4.

o Soundsystem: I have a single Technics 1200 deck at home to play records.
o Pen / pencil: Pen – it’s permanent.
o Where you document an idea: On paper, I always carry a notepad.
o Casual clothing: Stone Island.
o Smart clothing: Stone Island.
o Footwear: Paraboot shoes. 
o Watch: Rolex Submariner 1967.

o Collection: Big coats and records.
o App: Instagram.
o Website:
o Favourite social media feed: @stoneislandpatch – putting stone island patches on people to empower them, make them look better. And harder.
o Work program: Lightroom.
o Digital work tool: Light metre.
o Analogue work tool: Leica M4.
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Soap and water.
o Bonus kit essential: A director's finder I bought in Hollywood, because I was in Hollywood and it just felt right.
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