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The Essential List: Erin Nordstrom

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This Spot Welders editor can’t live without YouTube ‘how to’ videos and has a naughty love for a popular powdered cheese based favourite
The Essential List: Erin Nordstrom
Erin Nordstrom is part of a rare breed in advertising - she knew she always wanted to work in the business. Specifically, it was her dream to work as a film editor, which she does now at Spot Welders in Los Angeles. As an editor she's cut spots for brands such as Samsung, Chevrolet, NHL and Ford, and has worked on music videos for the likes of Chris Cornell, Damien Rice, Jennifer Hudson, and Avril Lavigne.

What keeps this Indianan in LA ticking outside of work though? Her Essential List would suggest a heady mix of Californian sun, pilates and whiskey would just about do the trick. 

Check it out below! 


o Place of birth: Indianapolis, Indiana.
o Hometown: Venice, California.

o Staycation: Laying by a pool in Palm Springs.

o Vacation: Croatia - the water is so crystal clear there.

o Pet(s): No pets but plenty of furry friends at the office to give me my fix. 

o Place of work: Spot Welders.
o Place of workout: Yoga and Pilates (several different studios).
o Side project: Beyond the Fields (Documentary focusing on child Muay Thai fighters).

o Mode of transport: Bicycle.
o Bonus travel essential: My Kindle.


o Artist: Ai Wei Wei.

o Musician: Too many to have just one favourite but I'm currently really into LP. 

o Commercials/music video director:  I work with so many talented directors, it would be impossible to call out just one. :)
o Film director: A few directors that have really inspired me are Reed Morano, Barry Jenkins, and Wes Anderson.
o Photographer: A dear friend of mine, Noah Abrams

o Film: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the one from 1971 with Gene Wilder) - was obsessed as a kid and still am.
o Series: Black Mirror, Escape at Dannemora, The Wire, Insecure, Mr. Robot. 
o Commercial: I'm a sucker for the emotional ones. Here are just a few that get me every time...
'Man on the Moon', John Lewis

'37 Days', Atlantic Group 

o Music video: Laura Mvula ‘That's Alright’

Childish Gambino ‘This is America’ 

o Video game: An old classic… Pac Man.
o Board game: Cards Against Humanity - does that count if there's no board involved?
o Book: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.

o Graphic novel: Never really got into graphic novels… maybe one day.
o Podcast: Same as above...haven't truly delved into that world yet.
o Newspaper (off- or online): The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC (all online).
o Bonus culture essential: Susan Miller's Monthly Horoscopes and Tarot readings :)

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Coffee (black), 2 fried eggs on a bed of arugula with parmesan and lemon-olive oil dressing.
o Restaurant: Gjelina.

o Cheap bite: Street tacos.
o Working lunch: Whatever is fast and available.
o Favorite dish: Korean BBQ.
o Snack: Dried Mango.
o Guilty pleasure: Boxed macaroni & cheese.
o Bar: Cliftons (downtown Los Angeles).
o Booze: Whiskey or wine.
o Not booze: Water.
o Bonus food: Homemade dill pickles.
o Bonus beverage: Ice tea (unsweetened).


o Phone: iPhone.
o Computer: Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.
o TV: HBO, Netfilx, Amazon and Hulu
o Headphones: Audio Technica
o Camera: iPhone
o Soundsystem: Audio Technica turntable and Sonos speakers
o Pen/pencil: I can't remember the last time I used a pen or pencil. :0
o Where you document an idea: Notes app on my phone.
o Casual clothing: Jeans, white T-shirt, and flip flops.
o Smart clothing: Black jeans, black shirt, black leather jacket, moto boots.
o Footwear: Boots, boots, boots (with lots of buckles and straps).
o Watch: Super affordable waterproof Casio divers watch - withstands some pretty harsh treatment.
o Collection: I'm a minimalist... collections give me anxiety.
o App: Spotify.
o Website: YouTube - constantly Googling ‘how to’ videos for projects around the house.
o Favourite social media feed: @celestebarber
o Work program: Adobe Premiere Pro.
o Digital work tool: Wacom and Keyboard.
o Analogue work tool: Notecards denoting scenes on a corkboard.
o Morning grooming / make-up and beauty essential: Coconut oil and mascara.
o Bonus kit essential: My favourite pair of sunnies made by Toms.

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