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The Essential List: Clare Gilbride

Advertising Agency
Belfast, UK
Ardmore's senior creative on her favourite restaurants, swimming with pigs in the Bahamas and the kit she can't live without

Ardmore’s senior creative, Clare Gilbride, started her career in a small design and print agency after graduating from University of Ulster and now finds herself working in one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the UK.

Having worked in a variety of roles, Clare has, in recent years, moved to specialise in digital and motion design. She began in Ardmore with a focus on the digital side of the industry but is now in a senior creative that involves the management of projects on a more conceptual level.

Whilst working at Ardmore, Clare has worked with several amazing clients such as Stena Line, Network Rail, Lidl, Translink, and Subway, to name a few.

Check out Clare’s Essential List to get a taste of her tastes.


Place of birth: Belfast

Hometown: Belfast

Staycation: Probably any little sea-side town in Donegal

Vacation: It’s Ibiza for me as it’s so beautiful. Or swimming with pigs in the Bahamas

Pet: A fuzzy little Lhasa Apso called Peppermints

Place of work: Ardmore

Place of workout: I have a home gym – though I don’t visit it often!

Side project: I love to make wedding stationery

Mode of transport: A little Mini Cooper called Bert

Bonus travel essential: Anything from Duty Free :) 


Artist: I’m really loving the work from Mural Artist Danni Simpson

Musician: Oft – don’t think I can choose! I love everything from dance music to power ballads

Film: Ohhh too many to choose from – Man on Fire, Seven, or Snatch

Series: The Wire, Sopranos, The Night Of, and most recently, Ozarks

Commercial: Most recently, Formula E: Change Accelerated, but the 1991 Kellogg’s Christmas Ad is also a favourite purely for nostalgia

Music video:  Basement Jaxx – Where’s your head at

Video game: Going old school - Crash Bandicoot

Board game: Always monopoly!

Graphic novel: Not a huge comic fan!

Podcast:  It’s got to be Serial

Magazine: Mixmag

Bonus culture essential: I have a serious love for Album covers


Food and Drink

Breakfast: An Irish breakfast or anything with hash browns

Restaurant: If it’s somewhere fancy probably Howard Street or Shu. If it’s something more casual, then it would be 39 Gordon Street

Cheap bite: Boojum

Working lunch: Our local pub, The Dirty Duck

Favourite dish: Anything Mexican. I love spicy food!

Signature dish: I make a great Spicy Sausage Tagliatelle

Snack: Cheese toast, with loads of Worchester sauce

Guilty pleasure: Beetroot from the jar

Bar: Anywhere around the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast

Booze: My current favourite is Jameson and Gingerale

Not booze: Tea or flat white

Bonus food: Hot Madras

Bonus beverage: Slightly controversial, but a Bloody Mary



Phone: iPhone

Computer: iMac, MacBook Pro


Headphones: Beats

Camera: Nikon

Soundsystem: I’m planning on buying a new Marshall Speaker

Pen / pencil: Apple pencil

Where you document an idea: Notebook, or sometimes ‘Notes’ on Mac

Casual clothing: Anything adidas

Smart clothing: A blazer dresses anything up!

Footwear: Always Dr Martens or Adidas

Watch: Apple

Collection: Gadgets

App: Procreate

Website: Soundcloud

Morning grooming / makeup essential: It’s got to be a red lip

Bonus kit essential: iPad