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The Essential List: Chantal Anderson

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
DOMO director and acclaimed photographer details her dedication to finding and exposing beauty, and her top sources for inspiration and productivity

Well established as a leading photographer consistently documenting the cutting-edge of pop culture for the likes of The New York Times and GQ, DOMO director Chantal Anderson infuses her projects with people-focused storytelling, exposing the realness of her subjects within a sculptural, artful frame.

As a creative filmmaker, Chantal brings a rare fusion of focused direction to whatever beautiful thing decides to make itself known.


o Place of birth: Washington

o Hometown: Los Angeles, California

o Staycation: Driving up north early in the morning to go tide-pooling and surfing.

o Vacation: Greek island with no cars at the end of tourist season. Pistachio gelato every day. Hikes to swim spots and lots of time spent floating and thinking. 

o Pets: Dusty, a scruffy terrier friend rescued from a hole in the ground outside of Tijuana. 

o Place of work: For writing / brainstorming any 24-hour diner where people are present. I also love writing on trains. For editing / making prints / emails etc I have an office at home. 

o Place of workout: Random fire roads throughout LA for early morning hikes before it gets too hot.

o Side project: Growing flowers and vegetables in our backyard and making teas for friends with herbs from the garden every year. 

o Mode of transport: When I’m most idealistic- an 80’s robin egg blue Seikai road bike.

o Bonus travel essential: Mississippi Records Casette’s digitised playlist like this one here 


Helen Frankenthaler, Small's Paradise, 1964, acrylic on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of George L. Erion, 1967.121

o Artist: I’d love to live in a Helen Frankenthaler painting. 

o Musician: Impossible to pick one, but currently listening to a lot of Alice Coltrane.

o Commercials / music video director: Hype Williams

o Film director: Agnes Varda or Billy Wilder

o Photographer: Roni Horn or Sophie Calle

o Film: Could not stop thinking about Happy as Lazarro by Alice Rohrwacher for weeks. Sunset Boulevard is up there. 

o Series: Pen15 was perfect.

o Commercial: I hope everyone has seen the Burberry - Open Spaces commercial directed by Megaforce, it’s super cool. 

o Music video: Fatboy Slim - Praise you by Spike Jonze with Roman Coppola

o Video game: Donkey Kong Country (best soundtrack ever)

o Board game: Rummikub, always 

o Book: The last series I really loved was the Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante

o Graphic novel: Wish I had one! 

o Podcast: I fully devoured Dolly Parton’s America. 

o Newspaper (off or online): New Yorker in print, lots of different sources online.

o Magazine: The Smudge (RIP) lovingly run by two friends of mine- Liana Jegers and Clay Hickson. 

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Cornflakes

o Restaurant: Thai Tom in Seattle - legendary! 

o Cheap bite: Woon

o Working lunch: Tabbouleh

o Favourite dish: Cappellacci di Zucca

o Signature dish: Kale caesar salad

o Snack: Arugula with lemon and avocado on a piece of seaweed 

o Guilty pleasure: Oreo mint blizzard

o Bar: Permanent Records Roadhouse

o Booze: Mezcal negroni 

o Not booze: Kombucha Dog 

o Bonus food: Dried persimmons 

o Bonus beverage: Tepache


o Phone: iPhone

o Computer: MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) + Studio Display

o TV: BenQ projector 

o Headphones: Airpods 

o Camera: The first camera I really fell in love with was the Hasselblad 503cm 

o Soundsystem: Sonos

o Pen / pencil: Ohto Needlepoint pen / any pencil I can find

o Where you document an idea: Usually into a hardcover Moleskin notebook with no lines

o Casual clothing: Utility pants, a white tank top, sambas

o Smart clothing: Pleated high waisted pants, suit jacket, loafers 

o Footwear: worn in and well loved leather sandals or sneakers

o Watch: a tiny vintage wrist watch from a flea market in Berlin

o Collection: Photo books, plants

o App: Kexp or Duolingo

o Website: Ebay

o Favourite social media feed: @mignettetakespictures @peoplestanding

o Work program: Photomechanic! OG and best for culling images, sifting through photos and curating images. 

o Digital work tool: Sunseeker app and Dark Sky app

o Analogue work tool: Paper cutter

o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Rosewater mist - wakes me up after washing my face. 

o Bonus kit essential: The LightBridge C-Go Reflector Kit

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