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The Essential List: Annie Price

Advertising Agency
Sydney, Australia
The creative director at Wunderman Thompson Melbourne on bringing the office home during Covid-19 and spending her spare time treasure hunting
Big vintage jewellery, bright lipstick and colourful footwear are the uniform that Wunderman Thompson Melbourne’s creative director Annie Price throws on for a day at working from her kitchen table during Covid-19. And with a keen interest in "hunting for treasure", preserving architecture and mid-century Danish Vikings Annie's tastes are as bold as they are varied.

Get to know her better below.


o Place of birth: Melbourne
o Hometown: Beaumaris, Melbourne (aka Beauy)
o Staycation: ‘The Nuthouse’ - Flinders (Mornington Peninsula)

-Picture credit: Stephanie Rose Wood

o Vacation: Palm Springs, USA
o Pet: Pearl the rescue dog
o Place of work: Wunderman Thompson Melbourne 
o Place of workout: Walking around Beaumaris or Flinders
o Side projects: Hunting for treasure (garage sales, op shops, hard rubbish); our garden; preserving Mid-Century architecture via Beaumaris Modern

-Picture credit: @rowenameadowsphoto

o Mode of transport: Fiat or Cube
o Bonus travel essential: Dancing dashboard Hula girl


o Artist: Van Gogh
o Musician: Paul Kelly
o Commercials / music video director: Damien Toogood
o Film director: Ken Loach
o Photographer: 
o Film:  The Sound of Music or Footloose
o Current Series: ‘Rita’ (Danish comedy) 
o Current Commercial: I love Aldi’s ‘unprecedented times chopper’ ad

o Music video: Careless Whisper
o Video game: Crash Bandicoot
o Board game: ALL the boardgames: Sequence, Blokus, Cleudo, Boggle, Scrabble, Chess, Yahtzee, Tetris Link….

o Book: Currently reading ‘Waco – A survivor’s story’
o Newspaper (off or online): The Age
o Magazine: Frankie 
o Bonus culture essential: The Betoota Advocate

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Poached eggs
o Restaurant: Fancy: Donovans | Not so fancy: Miss Viet
o Cheap bite: Huff Bagelry
o Working lunch: My kitchen table (lockdown)
o Favourite dish: Since lockdown - Mac & cheese with tuna
o Signature dish: As above (I’m a terrible cook)
o Snack: Chicken Twisties
o Guilty pleasure: Mint Aero 
o Bar: What’s a bar? (Been in lockdown since March)

o Booze: Yes please 
o Not booze: Bitter Lemon
o Bonus food: Cow Cheese triangles
o Bonus beverage: G & T


o Phone: iPhone
o Computer: Mac
o TV: Projector (didn’t want a TV spoiling the décor!)
o Headphones: the free ones from the plane
o Camera: iPhone 
o Soundsystem: Bush retro digital radio & His Masters Voice record player 
o Pen / pencil: Sharpie and 4B pencil 
o Where you document an idea: scraps of paper
o Casual clothing: Vintage / op shop

o Smart clothing: 1960’s maxi gowns
o Footwear: Colourful 
o Watch: My dad’s 1980’s Seiko
o Collection: Too many to mention (snow domes, soda syphons, West German Pottery, Vintage eskies, mid century Danish Vikings….)
o App: No square
o Website: The Design Files 
o Favourite social media feed: Beaumaris Modern (I’m biased)
o Work program: Microsoft Teams
o Analogue work tool: Pad and pen
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Bright lipstick 
o Bonus kit essential: Big vintage earrings and bangles

Work from VML Australia
EA Toy Shop
EA Office