The Essential List: Alex Shifrin

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The president of Toronto-based LP/AD can help you go under the radar in Moscow and enjoys jazz after dark in London
The Essential List: Alex Shifrin
Thanks to his time as the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, Alex Shifrin knows the best place for brunch in Moscow if you want to stay unseen. Which, dependent on your intended activities in the home of the Kremlin, could be desirable. Nowadays he’s back in his home country of Canada, as the president of boutique brand consultancy LP/AD. His best foodie friends are Gordon Ramsay and Granny Smith and he’s got a brilliant pooch named Mike Tyson. His current side project is probably one he’d rather be without. 

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o Place of birth: Under a bad sign.
o Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan. 
o Staycation: London, UK (formerly EU). 
o Vacation: Holiday in Cambodia.
o Pet: Mike Tyson, my Jack Russel.

o Place of work: LP/AD.
o Place of workout: Broken elevator. Parking garage.
o Side project: This year’s tax filings.
o Mode of transport: Vespa.
o Bonus travel essential: A towel. Always bring a towel.

My ride


o Artist: Action Bronson.
o Musician: Cardi B.
o Commercials / music video director: Spike Jonze.
o Film director: Brian De Palma.
o Photographer: Terry Richardson.
o Film: Army of Darkness.
o Series: Arrested Development.
o Commercial: Bud Light, ‘Dude’. 

o Music video: Beastie Boys, ‘Sabotage’.

o Video game: Adventure, Atari 2600.
o Board game: Risk.
o Book: Lenin’s Embalmers.
o Graphic novel: The Watchmen.
o Podcast: Missing Richard Simmons.
o Newspaper (off or online): The eXile.
o Magazine: Mad Magazine.
o Bonus culture essential: Air’s ‘Moon Safari’ album. 1998.

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs. Google it you won’t regret.
o Restaurant: Chez Geraldine, Moscow. Best weekend brunch place to go in order not to be seen. When in Moscow… 
o Cheap bite: $4.99 set menu at The Warehouse on Queen.
o Working lunch: Udon from Urawa on Adelaide.
o Favourite dish: Ping Gai chicken from Queen Mother Café. Life changing.
o Signature dish: Spanish omelette. 
o Snack: Apples. Granny Smith. Anything but those yellow ones.
o Guilty pleasure: Croissant. Plain. 
o Bar: Jazz After Dark, Soho, London.
o Booze: Bourbon.
o Not booze: Not bourbon.
o Bonus food: Clam chowder from Rodney’s. Sit at the bar. 
o Bonus beverage: Chateau Pipeau 2012. Full bottle. 


o Phone: iPhone
o Computer: iPhone
o TV: iPhone
o Camera: iPhone
o Soundsystem: iPhone
o Digital work tool: Slack. 
o App: Slack. On my iPhone. 
o Headphones: B&O.
o Pen / pencil: Montblanc.
o Where you document an idea: Moleskine. Dog-eared.
o Casual clothing: Fred Perry.
o Smart clothing: Laundered Fred Perry.
o Footwear: Vans. No laces.

CANTUX: Me sporting the classy Canadian tuxedo (jean shirt + jeans)

o Watch: Movado Sport.
o Collection: Fred Perry X collab series.
o Website: Who visits websites anymore? Download the app. 
o Favourite social media feed: Count von Count (@CountVonCount) | Twitter
o Work program: PDFOptim. There is no need for that file to be 18MB. Seriously.
o Analogue work tool: Cutting board.
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: Floss. 
o Bonus kit essential: Cazals. 
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