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The Digital Mindset for Creative Work

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Bangkok, Thailand
Yell Advertising Thailand's CCO Dissara Udomdej on the rapidly changing world and why adapting a corporate mindset is the key to success

Creativity encourages us to look outside the box, which is important for digital transformation programmes that need cultural adjustments such as shifting long-held preconceptions and embracing new ideas. A digital mindset is a trait we wish to develop in others — and develop in ourselves — in this digital age. Here are some methods to get started with bringing some creativity to your digital work.

Empower yourself to be creative and innovative

The first thing to remember about the digital mindset is that you won't be able to be creative if you spend your entire day on back-to-back Zoom sessions. It takes time to be creative. It necessitates finding uninterrupted periods of leisure to contemplate. The first step toward embracing creativity and coming up with fresh ideas is to slow down, take a stroll, and be aware.

Don't let the tools use you; instead, use them!

We don't become inspired when answering emails or chatting with coworkers on social media platforms. You can't wait for a flash of understanding or you'll be waiting a long time. Rather, concentrate on doing something — anything! — and seeing what happens. We live in a digital age, yet you must maintain control over your time.

Start with Why?

Children are known for asking, "Why?" to the harm of their parents' mental health. They're attempting to understand how and why things work the way they do. They don't have any preconceptions. Try unleashing your inner two-year-old when trying to imagine the future of your digital idea. Why do things the way you do? What would happen if you went about it in a different way? What if you assumed the role of a different department? Or should the work be outsourced? Ask as many inquiries as you can. You might be surprised by what you learn.

When it comes to creativity, you need to step away from the maelstrom of daily tasks that "have to get done" in order to get to the ideas that truly move the needle. As a result, make sure you give yourself the space you need to be truly unique.

Learning that lasts longer

We all understand the need of lifelong learning for our creativity and mental health, but why is it so important in the digital age? Leaders of digital efforts must be willing to try new things and implement change rapidly, which demands a continuous flow of fresh ideas. You can't keep doing the same things and expecting different outcomes. Instead, you should take an agile strategy, swiftly producing and iterating so that you may discard and move on from concepts that don't work.

Integrating learning into your weekly routine can be difficult. You may devote a couple hours every weekend afternoon to catching up on your reading, or establish a goal of attending one webinar each month. Perhaps you set out 15 minutes each morning to listen to a podcast or read an article on your favorite website, then share what you learned on your channel. Alternatively, you may set aside one day a week as "out of you" and use it to do deep thought, such as researching recent societal concerns on social media, e-commerce, or digital platforms. Making time for learning, whatever you choose, will keep you motivated and inspired. Because the advantage isn't immediately obvious, it's tempting to dismiss learning as a nuisance. However, broadening your views will improve your creative thinking, which is critical when it comes to solving the often-complex difficulties of digital transformation.

Be Open to Inspiration From Anywhere

Inspiration can strike at any time. Don't waste time waiting for a client's brief. They are unsure about what they desire. You must read between the lines of their brief. Begin by asking why they desire to reach their goal. Our clients are completely aware of their brand, but they are unsure about what to say and how to say it effectively using technology and creativity.

So, with the digital mindset, how can we find inspiration?

Look outside your industry.

You, like our clients, may need to go outside the box to come up with a truly innovative idea. If you're looking for vendor case studies, don't limit yourself to solutions for specific industries. The Advertising Archive is excellent, but we need something fresh this time, not something from the case film. Consider the problem and what it has in common with other processes, then broaden your search and consider all solutions.

Seek new ideas.

Reading business books and watching humorous videos won't be enough to generate ideas. History, science, and politics may all help you question long-held beliefs and spark new ideas. Just don't use this as an excuse to watch TikTok all the time! Reading consumer feedback might help you come up with fresh ideas and learn about their wants.

Choose your frame of thinking.

When we are open to it, inspiration tends to grow. Try chatting to an innovator, either inside or outside your company, if you're seeking for new ideas for your digital communication. While we have a tendency to be protective of our ideas and proud of them, share your thoughts with others and be open to their suggestions. You might come away with a fresh perspective on how to approach your issue.

We are surrounded by ideas. Keep your mind open and your curiosity alive, and you'll be amazed at what you come up with. Because you never know where — or who — the next great idea for business innovation will come from.

Dissara Udomdej is CCO at Yell Advertising Thailand

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