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The Cube by VELUX Is an Interactive Space to Find Your Moment of Calm

Advertising Agency
London, UK
AKQA's experience offers a refuge from the intensity of the world around us for London Design Festival

Between today, September 18th and 26th, the London Design Festival will become the home of The Cube by VELUX, where visitors can experience a moment of calm amplified by the feeling of daylight, fresh air and natural sounds. Imagined as both a physical and digital experience, The Cube by VELUX is a refuge from the intensity of the world around us, offering sights and sounds that are known to foster a sense of calm and wellbeing.

AKQA created the digital experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the benefits of The Cube by VELUX from anywhere in the world. Inside the experience, visitors have the chance to explore the inside of The Cube. It will be aligned with the local landscape, whether you live by the sea, mountains, or forest.​​AKQA also designed and executed the campaign coinciding with the experience. Inside The Cube, people are invited to create their own live-generated calming soundtrack, simply by opening and closing the nine windows. The digital platform is an extension of the physical experience allowing everyone, from anywhere, to visit The Cube.

The Cube amplifies the feeling of daylight and natural sounds through VELUX roof windows in several landscapes. Visitors can explore the 3D experience through the digital platform by clicking each roof window or keyboard to unlock a new sound composed by musician Kasper Bjørke.

Musician, Kasper Bjørke, comments: “From producing and DJing with ambient music, I discovered it can create an immensely ethereal atmosphere that allows listeners to transcend and connect with a different state of mind - even in a public space surrounded by others. I hope people visiting the installation will feel the same sense of calm and tranquillity when listening to the music that I felt producing it.”

Ruben Hughes, PR Manager for North West Europe at VELUX comments: “The Cube is an amazing space for people to experience the benefits of natural light and fresh air – we are excited for people to experience a moment of zen during their journeys around London Design Festival. With people travelling less this year, it was important for us to create an experience for those unable to visit the festival in-person and does this in such a way that people will really feel like they are part of the festival... from the comfort of their own homes”

AKQA Executive Creative Director: Nicolai Smith said: “VELUXis a brand that truly understands the core value and benefits of its product. It’s not just a window - it’s a window to healthier living. Working with world-renowned architects Henning Larsen and musician Kasper Bjørke, The Cube is a testament to this. A beautifully crafted full sensory experience that reminds us all just how important fresh air and light are to staying calm in our hectic lives. We at AKQA are honoured to be a part of the team that can invite the world into The Cube at the London Design Festival, in person or remotely.”

The Cube by VELUX® can be found at Observation Point, 56 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP. Its opening hours during the festival are; Monday – Friday 11am-7pm, Sat-Sunday 10am – 7pm