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The Core Agency Designs New Brand Identity and Website for Insuretech Mitti
Advertising Agency
Sydney, Australia
"The whole team were so inspired to create a brand that would do this proposition justice”

Independent creative agency, The Core Agency, has created a new brand and website for new insuretech player, Mitti. Mitti is a joint venture backed by long standing agency client QBE, one of Australia’s largest general insurers, and SafetyCulture, a home-grown success story that pioneered the use of data to make workplaces safer.

The name Mitti was selected as it abbreviates the new brand’s key benefit – mitigating risks before they happen. This proactive approach sets Mitti apart from traditional insurance companies that are more focused on settling claims after an event. Mitti is also championing the use of smart monitoring devices and digital tools to prevent accidents and reward customers with lower premiums.

The creative process started with a collaborative workshop between the client and agency to land on a differentiated, yet meaningful, brand name. The Core Agency were then responsible for developing the brand strategy, tagline and identity. The entire look was made to communicate the pairing of data and people. This was then taken through to a website – the new destination for the brand. The agency developed the UX and UI, then worked in partnership with Herbert Digital on the custom build.

Bec Turner, business director at The Core Agency, said: “It’s been so rewarding to work on a different kind of insurer that genuinely partners with its customers to protect them. The whole team were so inspired to create a brand that would do this proposition justice.”

General manager at Mitti, Danial Cummins, added: “Mitti is more than just an insurance company, therefore we wanted our brand to reflect that. The Core Agency has been instrumental in building out our visual identity to convey who we are and the message we want to portray to our customers. In a very crowded market, the brand is inviting and distinct and we’re really pleased with how it blends the maturity of our industry with the youthfulness of a startup.”

This latest creative work comes off the back of the agency’s announcement last week that they’ve expanded their creative department with two new hires. The agency’s client list includes IGA Supermarkets, QBE Insurance, PwC, Just Better Care, Key Pharmaceuticals, Evergreen Garden Care, Elders Insurance and Beem it.

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