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The Communications Council Launches Report into Australian Advertising Effectiveness

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Sydney, Australia
Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules report unveiled by Rob Brittain and Peter Field

The Communications Council has launched a new report into advertising effectiveness in Australia, providing the first look at the new Australian Effies Database.

Co-authored by advertising effectiveness luminaries Rob Brittain and Peter Field, Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules was unveiled by Rob and Peter at special “Effies Work Behind the Work” events in Melbourne and Sydney this week.

The report marks the only time anywhere in the world outside the UK that a report on advertising effectiveness has validated the conclusions of Peter’s renowned research work with fellow effectiveness guru Les Binet.

Key findings of the report include:

• Broad targeting remains the most effective approach in delivering larger impacts on brand profit growth;

• Longer duration campaigns are more effective in driving business measures;

• The impact of longer duration campaigns builds cumulatively over time, therefore longer campaign evaluation periods reveal stronger campaign effects;

• Emotional campaigns are more effective at impacting long-term market share growth.

Introducing the report, Rob Brittain said: “This is the first of a series of paper developed with Peter using the new Australian Effies Database, deriving learnings from some of the most effective Australian marketing campaigns.”

He said that with Australia in a low economic growth climate, marketing budgets are at greater risk of being cut to meet bottom line targets.

“This environment creates more pressure for marketers to prove the effectiveness of their investment and can lead to a shift in focus towards efficiency. However the answer lies in understanding effectiveness, and through this understanding, marketing investment works at its hardest, delivering the future revenue growth that businesses need,” Rob said.

Peter Field commented that the new report is “an important addition to the evidence base about how advertising works”.

“If I had to single out just one area of this research it would be the ground-breaking findings on how campaign effects evolve over time, and how this differs for short and long-term campaigns. We’ve never been able to look so precisely at this before,” Peter said.

He added: “Looking forward, as an industry, we need empirical evidence of what genuinely works, more than ever. We need to be able to challenge each plausible-sounding new theory of effectiveness that comes along, and to see if they hold water before we rush in with our dollars.”

The Communications Council CEO Tony Hale welcomed the release of the new report and thanked the authors for such significant work.

“We should all be enormously grateful to Peter as he has now helped us establish the Australian Effies Database, which is the first outside the UK. Rob has done an outstanding job in analysing the data to uncover the findings. We expect over time that the Effie database will become the most valued resource in Australia when examining what is really driving marketing and advertising effectiveness,” Tony said.

“It is with great pride that we can now publish our very first edition of Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules.”

In addition to research findings and recommendations, the new report also includes two case histories drawn from the recent winners of the 2019 Australian Effie Awards, announced on 5 September.

Grand Effie 2019 winner Carlton & United Breweries provides a case study into how taking the long-term approach led to Great Northern becoming Australia’s most popular beer, while Gold Effie winner NRMA Insurance’s ‘Help’ case study showcases the power of emotional brand building.

In addition to the unveiling of the Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules report, attendees at the “Effies Work Behind The Work” events in Melbourne and Sydney were treated to insightful ‘behind-the-scenes’ presentations of 2019 Effie award-winning campaigns from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (CUB), AJF GrowthOps (Officeworks), The Monkeys (NRMA) and 2019 Effective Agency of the Year BMF (ALDI).

The Communications Council would like to thank principal Effies sponsor ThinkTV for their outstanding ongoing support.

The Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules report is available for purchase here.

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