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The Body Shop Chooses FCB Brasil as New Communications Agency
Advertising Agency
São Paulo, Brazil
FCB now joins the universe of the iconic British brand that was acquired by Natura in 2017, and whose business vision is to be a force for good

The partnership between the brand that fights for a more fair and beautiful world, and the agency that believes in effective creativity and in bringing together brands and culture, is now official. 

After a rigorous bidding process, FCB will now work alongside the Natura &Co. brand across the spectrum, from creating and implementing content and campaigns, to strategic planning. The new partnership is scheduled to make its debut in June.

Engaging in relevant causes is not just a main feature of The Body Shop's communications: it is also the raison d'être of the brand that has been fighting to empower women since it was created, in 1976.

Currently reemphasising its activist DNA and focusing on intelligent and socially engaged young women, The Body Shop has a history of raising banners like menstruation and self-worth among its target audience. For 2021, the brand's activist movement is ‘Manifest your self-love.’

"The Body Shop, as well as its causes and sustainable products, are ever more relevant to society, at a time when consumers expect brands to provide them with new experiences that are based on purpose. For the brand's current phase, we need to find new ways to tell and leverage these stories, and that's where FCB comes in, with all its expertise and creative quality, to deliver these messages to our consumers in a relevant way, and grow this network together," says Paula Andrade, Natura &Co. retail vice-president.

The group that owns the brands Natura, Avon, Aesop, and The Body Shop, holds the vision that all its companies must have the potential to effect positive change in the world. Under the leadership of Carlos Pitchu, Natura &Co. Vice-president for Media, Content, and Communications, the group has created the Communications Hub, which partners with the brands to ensure that communications are consistent and aligned with the group's vision and purpose. 

"The Communications Hub is designed to think the communications for all the brands in a broader and more powerful manner, to ensure that each brand will have its own space, and that our partners will take on a more strategic perspective to every need. The Hub started working with Natura Brasil and Latam, developed a few projects for Avon, and is now collaborating in the communications process for The Body Shop, seeking to optimise the amazing activist potential of the brand," says Carlos. 

For that reason, after a bidding process that included three final candidates, the brand has chosen FCB as its new content agency – a company that espouses similar ideals and believes in change to promote a more fair and beautiful world, just like The Body Shop.

"FCB identifies with the activist vein, and with the challenge of developing ideas capable of creating behaviours without compromising the business vision. We identify perfectly with the words expressed by The Body Shop: business, yes, but for good," adds Ricardo John, FCB Brasil CEO & CCO. 

The brand's movement to rekindle activism has been underway for two years, and partners that share the same values and vision become more relevant along the way. In 2020, Press Pass, the PR and Influencer Marketing agency, joined the brand's team. Created by Christine Caterina, Press Pass' DNA revolves around disruption, and the questioning of structures. 

The Body Shop is a pioneer when it comes to working with purpose and promoting causes such as feminism, sustainability, and fair trade. Created by Anita Roddick in 1976, its vision has always been that a business can be a force for good. In 1989, it gained global renown as the first international brand to create a campaign against animal testing, starting a partnership with NGO Cruelty Free International that is still going strong today. With the commitment to become 100% vegan by 2023, the brand is already vegetarian and promotes fair trade with communities, purchasing raw materials from local producers so as to provide social and environmental benefits to these communities. 

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