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The 360 Globetrotting Cannes Guide

Production Services
Madrid, Spain
Partners of the Production Service Network give unmissable insights on Cannes from every continent
With the industry’s biggest global event about to throw its arms open to the creative world, the Production Service Network puts its many heads together to share their best tips for the festival from one side of the world to the other. A selection of the partners reveals the best kept secrets of their countries at Cannes; from Italian fashion tips and American running routes to Kiwi travel advice and Dutch party secrets.


PSN UK, Yanina Barry> Everybody’s nightmare is ‘Getting Back from a Villa Party in the Hills’... no matter how organised the (very kind) host, there is always a log jam waiting for the vans or taxis back to the hotel.  It is easy to get stuck. Check out how you are going to get back as soon as you arrive.  

PSN New Zealand, Iris Weber > If you are travelling long distance - check out the non-stop Emirates flight from Dubai to Nice – if you’re lucky enough to travel Business this will include pick up and drop off in Cannes. Do watch out for Air BnB scams. There have been a few victims at the recent Film Festival. I’d also advise taking a second phone – the likelihood of you parting with the, oh so important, device is super high in Cannes!

PSN Netherlands, Maarten van Hemmen> When in Cannes the best way to get around is by scooter. You can rent them at a few places near the Croissette. Just don’t drink and drive!


PSN Italy, Claudia Romeo> The style is most certainly informal summer outfit in Cannes and I’m sure most people would agree that sensible footwear is a must. If you want to stand out wear carefully considered colours!

PSN UK, Yanina Barry> There is one very important thing for everyone to remember – it is hot. Make sure you use sunscreen, have sunglasses and maybe a hat – and drink lots of water to dilute the rose wine.  After that, remember that you might be walking a great deal – the palais is 2km long so comfortable shoes are a must.  And for girls who wear high heels – they don’t work on sand.  I always carry a pair of lightweight foldable flatties in my bag for walking home at night – after a long evening of serious socialising, I need them!   

PSN Baltics, Dagmar Mae> My tip would be leave your laptop at home (the Wi-Fi in Cannes is terrible anyway). Wear sandals and ALWAYS (I mean always!) wear sunscreen. 


PSN Italy, Claudia Romeo> Le Voilier and Astoux et Brun are our favourite restaurants when we go to Cannes. They’re both fairly-priced and the quality of the seafood and the views are great. 

PSN Netherlands, Maarten van Hemmen> My secret hangout is not actually in Cannes itself. It is Moorea Plage in Juan les Pins. It’s about €25.00 to get there by taxi from the Croissette. It is a beautiful place and Fred, the owner, is a very friendly guy who knows what he is doing - and the food is great. Because it’s just outside Cannes it’s not too crowded, unless you go at the weekends! 

PSN UK, Yanina Barry> Eating at one of the beach restaurants is great fun and a really great experience – fresh seafood at the edge of the Mediterranean is just glorious. Do make time to go to the old town and to the port area. There are some wonderful older restaurants just on the other side of the Port along the Quai Saint-Pierre – and a table by the window or on the terrace is such a treat.

PSN Baltics, Dagmar Mae> At least once, go down to Tracks and Fields hangover breakfast. They are the best!


PSN Ukraine, Dmitry Sukhanov> Morning and daytime hours are the best (and usually the only possible) time to hold meetings and presentations. The Carlton Hotel terrace is a classic place for the meetings and chats, but in the day time it can be overcrowded. Another option is to set up meetings at the beach cafes on the palais. However, with big international companies like Facebook and Google booking up beaches for private events for the whole week, it’s good to know in advance what beaches are open for visitors.  

PSN Netherlands, Maarten van Hemmen> The best place to sit and meet (quasi coincidentally) potential and existing business partners is at Place Royale on La Croissette. From breakfast until late lunch it has a nice atmosphere, in spite of the very unfriendly waiters and expensive medium quality food. Top tip: drink Pouilly Fumé (ice-cold)!

PSN Baltics, Dagmar Mae> Enjoy yourself and go with the flow. Be ready to meet some super awesome people and go to parties you never imagined finding yourself at. Spontaneous parties are always the best for meeting new people.


PSN USA, Eric Brown> I like to run up the hill in the old city to get my calves warmed up.  From there, you can enjoy amazing views of the entire city.  Depending on how you’re feeling, making your way from there to the other end of the Croisette and the marina is an amazing workout.


PSN New Zealand, Iris Weber> My favourite event of the week – Fireflies arrival! Real people, real good cause. Get behind it here!

PSN Netherlands, Maarten van Hemmen> THE BEST party during Cannes week is of course the MassiveMusic Party. It is always a guaranteed success. However, it is not easy to get in. It is mostly clients and a lot of Dutch people!

PSN Baltics, Dagmar Mae> The parties I would not want to miss during Cannes are P.I.G & Tantor Films' BBQ and the Shots party.

PSN Spain, Michael Moffett > My favourite event has to be the Cannes Soiree we’ve co-hosted at sunset on the beach since founding PSN four years ago (of course!). The relaxed vibe and ambient music make for great mingling before everyone heads off into the night-time party scene. Celebrating at the Vegaluna this year promises an even more exclusive crowd. We prepare a guest list of a few, select clients each year that party organisers then send invites.  RSVP is a must to access the event.  


PSN UK, Yanina Barry> I always bring back souvenirs for the people in the office and friends. There are so many wonderful things to be found, but I find that ‘foodie’ gifts are always welcome. I love Oliviers & Co in Rue Mace. For more fancy goods check out the Galleries Lafayette on La Rue du Marechal Foch. Of course, Sephora is always huge fun and there are two shops on Rue D’Antibes. The Rue D’Antibes is shopping heaven for those of us who find the prices on the Croissette beyond our purse.

PSN SPAIN, Michael Moffett> You can buy these amazing cognac-soaked, chocolate covered raisins at a classic sweet shop on Rue Meynadier. If you’re bringing something back for the team, or just indulging, you won’t be disappointed.

PSN Italy, Claudia Romeo> If you need to buy necessities there’s a Monoprix on Place Gambetta - rue Alleis, 06400 Cannes, France.


PSN Spain, Michael Moffett> Anywhere that doesn’t depend on strike-ridden airport transport. Last year we travelled to the Italian Riviera on the Saturday and wound up avoiding the Nice Airport bomb scare. Take the train to Genoa to rent a car and avoid costly cross-border rental fees.

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