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Tendril Expands Executive Producer Team

Creative Production Studio
Toronto, Canada
A look into Tendril’s portfolio reveals an eclectic range of work rooted in a unique design philosophy
Tendril announces and celebrates the expansion of its senior leadership team of executive producers. With work that lives at the intersection of art and technology, a look into Tendril’s portfolio reveals an eclectic range of work rooted in a unique design philosophy.

Co-founder and COO, Kate Bate, said: “Curating a strong executive producer team begins with identifying the full range of skills that each individual can bring to the table. Ensuring that styles and personalities complement one another is a complicated endeavour, but once you have the right players in place, things start to take off. Tendril’s multifaceted creative team is ready to collaborate with clients to produce work that is as dynamic as the era we are living in.”

Within a few months of her hiring in 2019, EP Ivelle Jaragalyn had carved a role for herself with her work ethic and straightforward approach. A look at her portfolio in her tenure with Tendril to date shows her leading some of the most complicated and innovative productions with globally renowned clients. “Her ability to translate client needs into stunning and meaningful visual pieces of art is unique and we’re elated to see her push forward with her track record of incredible success”, Kate commented.

Also joining the executive producer team is Mary Anne Ledesma, previously Tendril’s head of production. Her years of on-the-ground experience has given her a short-hand to problem solving in high level business conversations. Throughout her career, Mary Anne has focused on complex live action and animation productions. She is motivated by the variety of challenges they present. As she settles into her role, her depth of knowledge is an invaluable asset as the team expands their portfolio of groundbreaking projects.

Joining the team most recently is executive producer, Ramona Gornik-Lee. With roots in both advertising and the audio industry, she brings a multi-faceted range of skills and experiences to our executive producer team. Ramona’s seasoned, can-do approach allows her to lead with her strongest skill, building strong relationships. An expert at building trust, Ramona uses each client facing interaction as an opportunity to understand their needs, ultimately translating them into an authentic and meaningful final product.

As of September 2020, globally-renowned and immensely passionate executive producer, Sarah Arruda, returned from her maternity leave. Given Tendril’s history of creating work that gets people excited about the near future, Sarah’s focus on innovation will help drive complex projects that solidify the studio as a world leader in design thinking. She can’t wait to continue to experiment with emerging technologies (AR, XR, Realtime) to inform and inspire the future of creative production alongside our smart, thoughtful clients.

The expanded EP team is also joined by new business manager, Jill Wilkie. As the facilitator on all prospective projects, Jill ensures that each client is connected to the best suited EP. She has a unique ability to measure the needs of a project and to support the creation of a plan with EPs and CDs. Her aptitude for creative communication also propels her as she supports the designing and implementing of new business plans and strategies for the big picture.

Solidifying this power team gives Kate the runway to focus on the studio’s operations and Tendril’s long-term growth. She will continue to push Tendril to new territories and creative endeavours, saying that she will do so “with the carefully applied sense of design and intent that we put into everything we do at Tendril”.

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