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TDA_Boulder Uses Denver as Canvas

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Hot Springs, USA
TDA and FirstBank Reimagine Small Businesses‏

TDA_Boulder has blanketed the city of Denver with creative placements for client FirstBank. The campaign acts as a takeover in Denver and showcases a world of possibilities in which a potential business could start or grow with a hand from a helpful lending institution. The goal of the awareness campaign is to inspire FirstBank customers and potential ones to associate the brand with smart small-business banking.


The creative came out of what TDA Creative Director Jeremy Seibold describes as a stressful relationship brewing between small business and banks, which seem to favour bigger-company customers. The proposition? FirstBank helps small business get big, and the first step is to get them to think big.
"Big banks are always talking about their love for small business, but most don't offer competitive products or premium service unless you are a really large company," Seibold said. "We wanted to get the message out that FirstBank is on your side no matter what size business you have." Throughout Denver, light rail trains pull into stations looking like orange submarines wrapped in decals identifying their inhabitants as "Your New Employees," while others are announced via TDA's branded pedicabs and taxis.
At the 16th St. retail complex, a tree-lined pedestrian promenade, bright orange TDA-designed banners hang from storefront windows teasing, "Coming soon: Your Second Location," The Wait is Over," Now in Denver," and finally, one carrying the campaign tagline, "Business Starts and Grows With 1STBANK." Street teams hand out sunny shopping bags from "Your Boutique." The campaign will run through September.
"FirstBank has great products, convenient locations and 24/7 customer service-the best available in the industry," said Brian Jensen, Senior Vice President of Marketing at FirstBank. "We love that TDA's integrated campaign helps us make a positive statement as a member of the community and lets people know that FirstBank is here to help businesses grow."
Other business privileges are planned for Skyline Park. Execs who like to settle business deals on the green can head over to FirstBank's welcoming Putt Putt course, which goes live Sept. 14. Also at the venue, a vending machine labeled "Your Beverage Company" will dole out free bottles branded "Your Water Company." 
Ad executions for traditional media outlets, such as billboards and print, tackle a specific business trade: art and copy focuses on "your" coffee shop, dental office, fashion boutique, micro brew or bakery. Fine print in the outdoor, print, online and radio creative positions FirstBank as a true partner for the small business community, and stresses personalized services, 24-hour support and full-online access to banking. It offers free checking for items less than 150 per month and does away with automatic deposit holds and other nuisances that can devastate small businesses, which often depend on thin margins and low cash reserves to survive. 
Client: FirstBank
Title: FirstBank Small Business
Agency: TDA_Boulder
CCO: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold
Art Director: Barrett Brynestad
Copywriter: Jeremy Seibold
Photographer: XYZ
Flash Designer: Gasket Studios, Marc Bloomquist HEAD OF INTERACTIVE
Production: Gasket Studios, Tammy Kimbler
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