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TBWA\Dublin Responds to Tampax’s Banned ‘Tampons & Tea’ Ad with Parody Campaign
Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
The new ‘Irish Lady Products’ ad takes aim at the ASAI’s decision to pull the original campaign after 84 complaints from viewers
In response to Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland’s recent decision to pull Tampax’s ‘Tampons & Tea’ advert from Irish television, TBWA\Dublin has created its own brand of ‘Irish Lady Products’, in light of the complaints made by members of the public. 

The original Tampax ad from Saatchi and Saatchi New York, which features a talk show host giving instructions on the correct way to insert a tampon, received 84 complaints. As a result, the ASAI pulled the advert on the grounds it had caused ‘widespread offence’.

TBWA\Dublin’s response advert for ‘Irish Lady Products’ features a parody tampon pack with warnings that the product may cause ‘pearl clutching and disapproving glances’. The idea came from a frank video chat discussion among staff about the ASAI decision and what it says about the treatment and censorship of women in Ireland. 

Blaise Hoban, copywriter at TBWA\Dublin, comments: “The team felt we needed to take a strong position and add our voices to the discussion – both as members of the Irish advertising community and as a collective committed to gender equality.”

- Tampax's Original 'Tampons & Tea' advert, from Saatchi and Saatchi NY

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