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Tata Pravesh Opens India's Eyes on Sacrificing Personal Freedom for the Country's Freedom

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Mumbai, India
Wunderman Thompson South Asia’s film for Tata Pravesh delivers the socially responsible message of sacrificing one’s freedom to set the nation of India free

After what felt like a never ending period of lockdown, unlock is now underway. India is setting foot outside the door, savouring freedom after many months of confinement. But with independence comes responsibility. Are we being socially responsible when we venture outside? 

The answer is a resounding NO. Many Indians are violating two of the three cardinal rules. They are neither maintaining social distance nor are we wearing a mask. And, to make matters worse, are often stepping out not because we must but just to catch up with friends or visit relatives. It seems that we are taking Unlock as the license to mingle.

The number of infected people are rising everyday. Yet people are oblivious to the exponential increase in numbers. One of the reasons for the spurt in cases is get togethers of friends and relatives. This is a high-risk activity as it takes place usually in an enclosed space and can therefore lead to further spread of the virus..

In the new normal, freedom more than ever before, expects more from us. It’s imperative to be socially responsible for a safer tomorrow. This is one message that had to be delivered and what better time to put this across than on our 74th Independence Day.

India had to be reminded that it should set foot outside the door only when it’s absolutely necessary. And who best to remind our countrymen than Tata Pravesh, a brand of steel doors from Tata Steel - a company whose steel built the nation and who has always kept the welfare of the nation and the well-being of our countrymen at the top of its agenda.

Tata Pravesh has always endeavoured to open minds through its thought provoking films for Mother’s Day, World Environment Day, World AIDS Day and Election Day. A film for digital media was the perfect way to drive home the message that freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

The film, created by Wunderman Thompson in association with SVF Brands, revolves around the interaction between a father and son in the morning of Independence Day. They are played by the real life father-son duo - noted Bengali actors Kaushik & Riddhi Sen. The son is about to step out to spend time with his friends. He has grown tired of being confined to the four walls of his home and is looking forward to bonding with his buddies. His father catches him leaving out of the corner of his eye and enquires what he is up to. When the son tries to justify his action saying how he is bored just setting at home for months on end, his father gives him examples of freedom fighters like Gandhiji, Netaji & Nehru who spent months in confinement, at home or in prison, just so the country could gain freedom. 

Unable to figure out where his father is going with this, the son asks exasperatedly, “So what papa?!”. To which the father replies that sometimes we need to make sacrifices for the greater good of the nation. The son is now totally confused and enquires aloud what freedom could the nation possibly gain if he chooses to stay inside. The father replies, “Ek doosri azaadi…Iss mahamari se.”

That’s when the penny drops. The son finally gets the point his father is making and shuts the door. The film ends with the super ‘Step out, only if you have to. Let’s sacrifice our freedom to set the nation free.’ as a reminder to us to leave home only if it’s absolutely essential. 

Commenting on the film, P. Anand, chief - services and solutions business, Tata Steel Ltd., said: “Tata Pravesh has always made people stop for a moment and think about issues that impact society. This film is another in the series of thought-provoking communications from the brand on special occasions which will open minds and make us see things in a new light.” 

Commenting on the creative concept, Arjun Mukherjee, ECD and VP, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said: “It's time, we, the citizens, understood that we need to unlock our responsibility and behave in a manner that arrests the spread of the virus instead of promoting it. This perfectly timed film reminds people not to venture outside their home unless they have to.”

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, senior VP and managing partner, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said: “We are at war with this pandemic and it’s best fought indoors. We are glad to partner Tata Pravesh on this extremely relevant message which nudges people to think twice before stepping out.” 

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