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Target Mcconnells New 'Gif-iti' Campaign for Vodafone Has The X Factor
Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
First ever Irish gif-iti campaign captures artist INSA creating three bespoke gif designs for Vodafone X
In an Irish first, Vodafone recently teamed up with world renowned Gif-iti artist INSA for the launch of its latest youth focused campaign Vodafone X. Gif-iti is an art-form where offline meets online – marrying graffiti and GIFs to create visually stunning results.

The campaign was devised and created by award-winning creative agency Target McConnells who wanted to bring to life the offering in a fun and innovative way which would resonate with this notoriously difficult to reach audience. 
The digital campaign was targeted at 16-24 year olds and highlighted specific offers to this audience around data, sport, music and weekend packages.

Target McConnells filmed INSA creating three bespoke Gif-itis – one to represent each of the offers (Sport, Music and Weekend). The hand-painted murals were created with multiple layers. Each layer was photographed on completion, then painted over repeatedly with another layer until the full effect is achieved. The resulting layers came to life together in the digital world as animated gifs, where their whole message was revealed to tell the much deeper story of Vodafone X. 

Abi Moran, Managing Director of Target McConnells, said: “Our research told us that this age group has a low attention span and a broad range of interests, so we knew we had to create something completely unique which would strike a chord with this audience. Working with an artist of the calibre of INSA gave us a superb platform from which to tell the Vodafone X story in a credible and fun way. This is the first time INSA has collaborated with a brand in the Irish market. As the creator of Gif-iti, INSA crosses both the online and real world-making him a natural fit for a campaign where the target audience actually lives and breathes that dual life of online and offline.”

Evelyn Browne, Brand Manager from Vodafone said: “At Vodafone we believe in connecting people with the things that matter to them and our Vodafone X platform is a perfect example of this. We identified our audiences’ key passion points and created visually impactful content around this which would grab our target market’s attention. 

This campaign was 100% digital focussed and to date it has proven extremely successful reaching a staggering 500,000 YouTube views, 470,000 Facebook views with a combined reach of 4.1 million for Facebook and an Instagram. A significant increase in ad recall and consideration scores was also recorded.

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