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Tango Returns To TV With An AARGHHH

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London, UK
Britvic brand launches first TV campaign in five years, via BBH

On Saturday 8th June, during the final of Britain’s Got Talent, Tango will launch its first TV campaign in five years. The British soft drink brand is famous for its irreverent and provocative marketing campaigns and this new one, ‘ARGH!’, promises to be no different. 

‘ARGH!’ celebrates the unique orange intensity of Tango. The soft drink is unique in that it is made from the whole orange, giving a more intensely orange flavour. This insight is brought to life in the campaign with the sort of anarchic and humorous advertising which has always defined the brand. 


(We won’t give the game away, but the three 30-second films, ‘Cornershop’, ‘Footie’ and ‘Swings’, are based on a creative idea that, funnily enough, involves ORANGE, FAKE TAN and MUSCLES).


The campaign aims to remind the nation of what they love about Tango and introduce a new generation to the brand. In addition to the three TV adverts, Tango has an exclusive partnership with The Sun which will see the brand run a spoof of the paper’s infamous ‘Page 3’ section within the paper on Saturday 8th June. 


Tango also has a media partnership with Kiss FM, who will be running a competition whereby listeners need to answer their phone with an “AAARGH” when rang up by Kiss to win intensely orange prizes. The campaign will be further supported by an intensely orange YouTube masthead on Saturday featuring the stars of the campaign, and themed giveaways across the brand’s social media channels (look out for orange thongs!).  


The films were shot by Tim Godsall through Biscuit Filmworks UK. Godsall is one of the world’s most talked about commercials directors. He has won multiple awards for campaigns such as the AXE (Lynx in the UK) ‘Brainy Girl’, ‘Sporty Girl’ and ‘High Maintenance Girl’ spots for BBH and ‘Beach’ for Southern Comfort.

The campaign was created by BBH London creative team Wesley Hawes and Gary McCreadie, and overseen by Creative Directors Justin Moore, Hamish Pinnell and Deputy Executive Creative Director, David Kolbusz.

Simon Grove, Senior Brand Manager at Tango commented: “It’s fantastic to see Tango back on air with such a strong campaign. The brand has been famous for its great advertising and we believe Tango AARGH brings Tango back to its irreverent best. We can’t wait to see the consumer response, we’re expecting great results.”

David Kolbusz,  Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH, commented: "By taking the humdrum reality of everyday British life and injecting it with the team's greatest passion - professional bodybuilding - we were able to communicate the intensity of Tango's orange flavour.  By the time the shoot was finished, even Godsall was lifting. He looks totally jacked now."



BBH Creative Team: Gary McCreadie, Wesley Hawes
BBH Creative Director: Justin Moore, Hamish Pinnell
BBH Deputy Executive Creative Director: David Kolbusz
BBH Producer: Glenn Paton
BBH Assistant Producer: Jemima Bowers
BBH Team Director: Alex Monger
BBH Team Manager: Maggie Grigorian
BBH Strategic Business Lead: Becky Russell
BBH Director of Engagement Planning: Kevin Brown
BBH Strategist: Tom Callard

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Executive Producer: Orlando Wood
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
DoP: Steven Keith Roach
Post Production: The Mill
Editor/Editing House: Tim Hardy @ Stitch
Sound: Factory

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