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Talking with New Talent: Chaz and Lucy, AMV BBDO

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London, UK
Best Female Newcomer Team at Creative Circle 2018 chat about Pussy Protectors, stolen dreams and colouring inside the lines
Following a sold-out year celebrating the best creative from across the UK, the Creative Circle are looking forward to honouring the next generation of creative talent.

We caught up with Best Female Newcomer Team Charlotte Mather and Lucy Jones (AKA AMV BBDO’s Chaz and Lucy) to discover the backgrounds behind their big win.

Read on to discover more from the team.

Q> What are your backgrounds and how did you both come to work in advertising?

Chaz and Lucy>  – AKA Chaz and Dave - we are two female creatives, currently working at AMVBBDO. Chaz is an Art Director who likes to write copy. Lucy is a Copywriter who likes to look at pretty pictures. We met on the Watford Advertising course in 2016. Chaz is a Northerner. Lucy (originally from Devon) likes to think she is a Northerner - after picking up Chaz’s accent. Chaz attended Manchester School of Art and got a First in colouring inside the lines (Graphic Design) and Lucy is the author of two children’s novels published by Orchard Books. 

We recently won a short film competition and are very much looking forward to producing and directing our first short film with Production Company, Great Guns.

Q> You got a lot of press for your ‘Trump Pussy Protectors’ campaign. It was such a brilliantly responsive and simple idea. How did you pull it together so quickly?

C & L> To be honest, we needed to make something to get in the news and fast. We were on placement and wanted to get noticed. Trump was in the news and never for good reasons. So, doing an idea to counteract Trumps bad news seemed like a good solution. We decided we should do something to stop his wandering hands and from this was born, “The Pussy Protectors”. We trekked to Heathrow on a mission to protect tourists travelling to America, by arming them with our wearable mousetraps.

Q> Lucy, you have written two books which have been published, what are they about and how long did you work on them for?

C & L>The books are about two siblings who are stolen from their dreams and taken to a parallel realm where ‘The Nightmare Factory’ is located. There, the evil Vesuvius rules with his army of Shadowmares - extracting fear from children to create nightmares all over the world. The books are for older children and took a year to write the first and a, surprisingly, speedy two months to write the second.

Q> You’ve been shortlisted and won a Bronze at Creative Circle before, what was it like winning Best Female Newcomer Team at Creative Circle this year?

It was very surreal. We were expecting there to be a few shortlisted people in the running so, when our names were called, we couldn’t quite believe it. It’s great to win both awards (we also won at The One Show, across the pond too) but we were absolutely made up.

The Creative Circle Foundation opens in September 2018 for prospective students from diverse backgrounds. For more information or to become a member / make a donation click here

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