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Taking Brands Global: Transcreation, Translation and Localisation

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New York, USA
Tag Americas shares three key steps in successful global marketing campaigns

In today’s ever-growing global business environment, translation, transcreation and localisation are emerging as a key step in successful global marketing campaigns. With 4.57 billion active internet users (Statista), many brands are able to exponentially grow their business across the globe through digital marketing strategies. However, as brands seek to reach new markets overseas, it’s vital that they enlist the work of transcreation and translation experts early in the process. Here’s why:

Key stats (CSA Research):

- Around 90% of consumers will always choose to shop on websites in their native language

- Nearly 75% of internet users prefer to read product information in their native language

- 78% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase on online stores that are localised.

Translation vs. Transcreation: What’s the Difference?

While translation involves the text, transcreation addresses the subtext. Transcreation is the process of reworking advertising assets to fit a specific market. It involves analysing the messaging of a campaign, assessing its relevance for a target market and producing a localised version. The result is an execution that stays true to the brand and campaign but is tailored purposefully for the local market.

Conversely, translation is appropriate for any context where the aim is to communicate lots of information simply and clearly, such as brochures, product descriptions, technical text etc.

Why is Transcreation So Important?

Transcreation is vital for the success of any brand seeking to go global. When done well, transcreation of marketing materials will not only make a creative asset relevant and comprehensible, it will also draw customers in by providing a local feel. Through transcreation, cultural norms and references are considered, providing a level of cultural familiarity that will attract consumers in the market.

How Does the Process Work?

Transcreation involves breaking an execution down, analysing it then re-assembling it to resonate with the desired audience.

1) Define the Idea

The first step is identifying the idea that sits at the heart of the execution or campaign; the nucleus of a concept that makes the execution what it is. The idea should be single-minded, peeling away the layers to reach one core idea. The following questions will help you clearly define an idea:

  • What is the actual point of this?
  • Why does this execution or campaign exist?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What response is it meant to elicit, and from whom?

2) Make it Local

Transcreation needs to be approached early in the creative ideation process. An open-minded approach is necessary for best results; if marketers enter the transcreation process unprejudiced by the need to stay close to the master, that’s when the best results are achieved for both the brand and the market. To succeed in transcreation, we enlist our in-market creatives who have both the local know-how and the creative propensity to craft impactful, relevant campaigns for the local market.

3) Think Emotion, Not Words

Finding the most suitable way to communicate this core idea, using familiar cultural references and an appropriate delivery, will inevitably result in different wording. Brands should instead measure the creative by the emotions that the creative inspires. If a campaign elicits the same response in the audience as the original, despite the wording or imagery used, that’s effective transcreation.

How Can Tag Help?

At Tag, we transform your global marketing campaigns into nuanced, relevant local creative assets. Our in-market creative transcreation and translation experts understand language, culture and context to ensure each and every message hit the right note. Whether you need translation, transcreation, cultural consultation or regulatory advice, we provide the local expertise you need to take your campaign global.