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Take an Adventure Across as Urban Landscape in MK & Burns' Dynamic Video 'Better'

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Los Angeles, USA
Ammolite director Ganna Bogdan helms the enthralling first music video for the US market

Ammolite Inc. director Ganna Bogdan has directed her first music video for the US market, the post-pandemic hype track ‘Better’ by MK & Burns ft. Teddy Swims. 

Set in a desolate urban environment under the cover of darkness, the heroine’s night goes from bad to worse once her handbag is stolen. At her breaking point, the heroine seems to give up before the musical collaborators appear to return her handbag. Together, the three set out on an adventure across the urban landscape. Lush imagery, dynamic editing, compelling performances, and captivating use of mixed media within the urban environment underscore the uplifting and energising vibe of the track.

Ganna Bogdan is a mixed-media artist and director hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently based in Los Angeles, she first gained experience working in the visual arts industry while working as a model before a serendipitous trip to Los Angeles would set her on the path to filmmaking. Drawing on the influence of her homeland, Ganna’s highly artistic visuals are an alchemical blend of skate and the post-Soviet youth cultures that have been shaped by a contemporary interpretation of the mid-century modernist movement. She has collaborated with brands including Paco Rabbane, Oakley, Farfetch, Herschel, Vogue Russia, and Elder Statesman, and has directed music videos for many Russian and Ukrainian music artists. Ganna is currently working on her first documentary.

Says Ganna, “The story was inspired by my personal experience. I used to own a vintage Mercedes that I loved so much but it used to break down in the most stressful situations, and every time it made me feel like I am about to lose it. I have my Ukrainian friends here who are always down to help me with my car problems. My friends used to come and save me and we would play music while my car was getting towed. My car would break down once a month till the point I finally get rid of it. But my friends used to cheer me up every time. It made me feel better in the most stressful situations.”

Other notable recent Ammolite news includes the release of the Emil Nava-directed music video “Stay With Me,” by Calvin Harris feat. Justin Timberlake, Halsey, and Pharrell, and Dana Trippe’s recent VMA nomination for directing Willow Smith and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Grow’ video.

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