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Tag Collective Arts’ Junior Producer Karis Falzon on Her Journey into Production

Production Agency
London, UK
Karis has been with the company since 2018
Junior producer Karis Falzon started as a runner in Summer 2018, working her way up into the shoot production team at Tag Collective Arts. As a runner, Karis was offered a fantastic opportunity to work first hand with the production team, which led her to become a production assistant and into her role today as a junior producer. "It has been a wonderful journey so far, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the final products you helped create, put out into the world'.

LBB> What made you decide not to go to university and pursue the industry?

Karis> I finished 6th form knowing I loved the media industry but not knowing the best way to go about getting in. School tends to push you down the University route, but after speaking to a few people in the industry and reading into it, many suggested experiences were the best way forward. But coming straight from school with zero experience proved to be quite the challenge. I ended up applying and failing time and time again... until I bumped into a friend who said Tag Collective Arts was looking for a runner. I remember hoping for the best, and finally at last, getting my foot in the door.

LBB> Was being a runner a helpful introduction to the city and the business?

Karis> Absolutely, without a doubt. I got to learn so much in a short space of time. I was open to so many brilliantly skilled people in the industry. Not only did it help me figure out what I wanted to do but it also taught me how to interact and be in a creative working environment with clients and artists in the field. With the bonus of making great friends and exploring the streets of Soho...the media hub!

LBB> What was it that made you ultimately decide to go into Production?

Karis> After talking to many different teams at Tag I was most drawn to production. The idea of being on multiple shoots, meeting new people and traveling to various locations excited me. I always wanted a job that wasn’t solely sitting at a desk. Production seemed like the perfect combination.

LBB> Do you still remember your first time on a shoot?

Karis> Yes, my first ever shoot was for Arla at Park Village Studios. I recall feeling very nervous, not knowing what to expect. But it was fantastic! I loved watching how everything came together from start to finish. I was completely blown away by a drink stylist on set and how the drinks are manipulated slightly to get the shot - so fascinating. The concept of countless amounts of people coming together to create one goal is amazing.

LBB> What is your fondest experience / memory of being on set?

Karis> This is a hard one, there have been many. I loved the Virgin Media Christmas ad we did a few years ago. We had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Cheryl Hole on set and it was phenomenal watching her work. It was a jam-packed few days but totally worth it and so magical. It is always such a privilege to get the chance to talk to all these brilliant people.

LBB> What was the best piece of advice you have received?

Karis> Hmm, there have been many wise comments made but one that stuck with me was from the wonderful producer Greg Mills: "It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of a job, but we have to remember it is not heart surgery. All will be ok in the end". He could not have been more right! It is so easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up in the stressful moments a job can bring. We have to remember the world won't collapse if a few things don't go to plan.

LBB> What are your ambitions for the future, and has that changed at all after a year of Covid?   

Karis> I would love to keep exploring and learning all that production has in store. Each project presents a new challenge that keeps things exciting and fresh, and there is always more to learn. I have recently been promoted from Production Assistant to Junior Producer so I am very keen to learn and perfect this role the best I can with the hope of becoming a Producer in the future. Covid has of course altered the way we work, but things are getting back to what they once were with a few alterations. So onwards and upwards!  

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